Pledge to Support an Assault Weapons Ban

The What:

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Akron Councilwoman Tara L. Samples are organizing Ohio in a movement to #BanAssaultWeapons. We’re empowering cities across the state to demand the Statehouse protect our children by taking immediate action to #BanAssaultWeapons in Ohio.

The Why: In 1991, Cleveland enacted an Assault Weapons Ban. 19 years later, it was overturned. Why? Because the newly-elected Democratic Ohio Attorney General and NRA-champion Richard Cordray led the charge to defend the NRA-controlled state legislature’s effort to strike down the assault weapons ban. He then went on to crush EVERY city in America’s ability to write ANY laws protecting children from assault weapons. See him bragging about it at a gun rally on Statehouse grounds here.

The How: It’s up to us to take action against Cordray’s shameful legacy. We’re organizing a mass introduction of city resolutions calling for the Ohio Statehouse to enact an immediate ban on assault weapons. We’ll be supporting current efforts of City Council’s already working on resolutions, and empowering those that have yet to take action.

The Who: You, your community and us. When you pledge to help Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Akron Councilwoman Tara L. Samples #BanAssaultWeapons, we pledge to give you what you need. We’ll provide tips on effective lobbying, help creating events and building turnout, and connecting with people in your area. We will provide a model city resolution to introduce, pass, and send to your state capitol. Once you are ready to move forward, you’ll be able to:

- Organize your neighborhood
- Connect with your council representatives
- Take concrete action instead of just offering thoughts and prayers in the wake of yet another tragedy
-And more.

Sign up, speak out and take action. Sign the pledge, and join us in the work to #BanAssaultWeapons.

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