End anti-Asian racism! Pledge to build a stronger labor movement together

The labor movement must build a workers’ movement truly inclusive of all workers! Will you pledge to take concrete actions toward ending anti-Asian racism? As members, union leaders, and workers united, we must fight for racial justice as fiercely as we fight for workers’ rights!

Pledge to take all or some of these actions in your labor communities, and we'll get in touch with you to provide support and technical assistance toward your goals.

1. Make meaningful investments (funding, resources, policies) in equity and inclusion:

  • Advance policies that support Asian workers and oppose policies that invisibilize and divide our communities.
  • Increase investment in your local APALA chapter’s membership drives, events, and organizing.
  • Follow APALA’s leadership on policy. Read our statements and publications and collaborate with our leaders and staff.
  • CLC & state federations: Ensure that all constituency groups are meaningfully represented on your boards

2. Address racism and xenophobia in the workplace and in unions:

  • Create and enforce codes of conduct that hold leaders and members accountable for anti-Asian remarks including “jokes” or other comments that scapegoat or stereotype whole countries of people.
  • Use collective bargaining to address racism and xenophobia in the workplace.

3. Build leadership pipelines for your AAPI members and invest in their leadership development:

  • Create AAPI caucuses with mentorship opportunities.
  • Promote Asian American members and staff into leadership roles.
  • Make sure shop steward trainings include diverse participation; provide language translations and flexible scheduling to increase access.
  • Pay for your AAPI members to join APALA and sponsor their time to participate in APALA chapters as well as professional and leadership development opportunities such as APALA’s Emerging Leaders Program, Organizing Institute, and Racial and Immigrant Justice Program.

4. Strengthen and invest in partnerships with worker centers and community organizations:

  • Strengthen and invest in partnerships with worker centers and community organizations contribute financial support, training or educational workshops, or in-kind resources such as staff time on co-branded events or union hall space.
  • Host community events for members/leadership to convene and share resources/information on what organizing for POC labor looks like.
  • CLCs & state federations: Encourage worker center members to join your board.

5. Invest in AAPI worker organizing:

  • Collect disaggregated membership data to highlight AAPI communities.
  • Increase investment in organizing non-union workers in industries with higher concentrations of AAPI workers.
  • Invest time and resources into racial justice education and organizing for your leaders and staff.
  • Host member dialogues to develop a shared language around Asian American workers and shared understanding of the history of Asian American workers.
  • 6. Join APALA: To become a member and find your chapter, visit www.apalanet.org.
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