Pledge to Vote for the People's Agenda!


The corporate agenda isn't working for us. That’s why this November, we’re fighting for the People’s Agenda. We need a YES vote on ballot questions 1, 2, and 3 to ensure working people feel safe & healthy in their communities.

Question 1: Safe Patient Limits

Currently, greedy hospital CEOs maximize their profits by assigning too many patients to nurses. This results in unsafe conditions for patients.

A YES VOTE on Question 1 will dramatically improve patient safety in Massachusetts hospitals by...

  • Setting a safe maximum limit on the number of patients assigned to a nurse at the same time.
  • Providing flexibility to adjust nurses’ patient assignments based on the specific needs of patients and the professional judgment of the nurse providing direct patient care.

Question 2: Money Out of Politics

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in the Citizens United case that corporations should have the same rights as people, including spending their money to influence federal elections.

A YES VOTE on Question 2 would...

  • Create a citizens commission that would propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to overturn Citizens United and reaffirm that corporations are NOT people.
  • State firmly that it is the policy of Massachusetts to support a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Question 3: Defend Transgender Rights

Since 2016, it has been illegal in Massachusetts to discriminate against people based on gender identity in public places.

A YES VOTE on Question 3 would…

  • Uphold the law & defend the rights of trans people to access public accommodations, including service establishments like restaurants and stores, health care facilities, and transportation.

VOTE #YESYESYES this November 6!