Support the Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform

The Time is Right for the City to Step Up & Improve Public Transit

We welcome Mayor-Elect Ed Gainey to the helm of the City of Pittsburgh, and share his vision for advancing economic mobility, racial and gender equity, clean air, and climate justice. World-class cities like Pittsburgh should strive for excellence, provide better opportunities for citizens, and afford residents the freedom to improve their lives.

Affordable, accessible, quality public transit is central to achieving these goals.

The Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform was created in collaboration with dozens of residents – including transit riders, those who have experienced housing insecurity, and those with experience navigating City streets with a disability – as well as with organizations that have strong insights into what is needed to ensure Pittsburgh’s transportation network is effective, safe, and accessible to all.

Sign on to support the Pittsburgh 100 Days Transit Platform for the incoming administration:

  1. Prioritization of Accessible, Equitable Mobility Over Corporate Profit and Private Modes of Transportation
    1. Announce a Walking/Transit/Biking First Approach to Mobility that includes a Pittsburgh Transit Plan
    2. Identify a set of Mobility Goals that are clear and measurable
    3. Name a Cabinet-Level Position Dedicated to Mobility Justice and Transportation Access
    4. Fully Fund and Staff DOMI and the DCP Zoning and Strategic Planning Divisions to Address Present and Future Project Planning and Delivery
  2. Legislation and Zoning that Supports Transit Use and Affordable Housing
    1. Announce a Plan to Provide Free Bus Passes to All City Employees and Residents of City-Supported Homeless Shelters by 2023
    2. Call for a Citywide Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Ordinance
    3. Call for Higher Levels of Affordability and Density Within Walking Distance of Frequent Transit Routes
    4. Restart the Citywide Comprehensive Land Use Planning Process (ForgingPgh)  
    5. Minimize or Eliminate Parking Minimums in the Zoning Code
    6. Designate Representatives from DOMI and DCP to Be in Charge of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
    7. Audit Data Processes Being Used by Private Tech Companies to Ensure Personal Privacy
    8. Establish Community-Developed Criteria to Guide DOMI in the External Funding and Grants That it Requests
  3. Comfortable, Accessible, and Safe Public Transit Connections
    1. Commit to a Policy of Compensating People with Disabilities for Participating in Infrastructure Planning
    2. Create a Sidewalk Fund
    3. Make Sidewalk Access a Priority Through Equitable Enforcement of the ADA and City Sidewalk Maintenance Standards
    4. Relocate the Remaining 20+ Bus Shelters at Defunct Transit Stops to Priority Stops
    5. Budget for the Purchase of Sufficient Sidewalk Snow Removal Equipment
    6. Create a Sidewalk Program at DOMI with a Dedicated Leader
  4. Bus Lanes and Transit Signal Priority to Ensure Fast, Effective Public Transit

Click here to see the full detailed policy proposal.

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