Power to the Primaries in Texas


Are you planning on voting in the Primaries? (YES!) Can you carve out 2 hours or so this Saturday, February 24th, to help your neighbors vote in the Primaries?

Sign up here to participate in a "mini-march" to the polls this Saturday, the only weekend day our polling places are open ALL DAY for early voting for the primaries in Texas. In Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Galveston, and other counties around Houston, we're setting meeting places so Marchers can go together to the polls.

Once you sign up, we'll contact you via email to get connected with other people in your area, including your "mini-march" leader. Here is an example of what one Marcher is doing this Saturday:

"I will lead a March to the Polls to the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center on West Gray (1475 W Gray) on Saturday, Feb 24th. We’ll meet at 9:00AM at Cafe Express (1422 W Gray St) for a quick breakfast. After breakfast, we’ll march across the street to early vote at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center. Please feel free to share and add to the list of Power to the Polls actions."

Your mini-march might not include breakfast, maybe yours will have coffee before or even lunch afterwards. Or no additional meet-ups: perhaps yours is simply bring a bottle of water and a sign, and let's go!

Join us this Saturday, February 24, and let's elect more women, women of color, people of color, and trustworthy competent allies to serve us as elected officials!

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Robin Paoli
Houston, Texas
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