President Biden: Commute the Row, Abolish & Demolish the Death Penalty

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The next presentation of this letter is currently anticipated in late June, but may come earlier if an opportune moment presents itself.  

This form is for official representatives of organizations, including faith communities, for-profit and non-profit incorporated entities, schools, teams, businesses of all sorts, etc.  

Please DO NOT sign this as an individual. This is for organizations.

Individuals are welcome to sign and share the petition here (with the same requests and delivery date), and more resources for everyone are here.

When delivered, this will be formulated as a letter, with the following requests.

We, the undersigned, standing in solidarity with all concerned citizens, call on President Biden to:

  • Commute the sentences of those currently on federal and military death rows;
  • Deauthorize all pending federal capital trial cases and establish guidelines prohibiting authorization of any new death penalty prosecutions during your administration;
  • Rescind the lethal injection protocol; rescind the “Manner of Execution” regulation that took effect in December 2020; rescind internal DOJ guidelines on litigating death row cases that took effect in December 2020
  • Order the Federal Bureau of Prisons to demolish the federal execution chamber and the building in which it is housed at the Federal Correctional Institution at Terre Haute;
  • Pledge to support and sign the Federal Death Penalty Prohibition Act (currently H.R. 262/S.B. 582- soon to be reintroduced), which abolishes federal and military death penalty laws, removes the possibility of death sentences, and mandates fair re-sentencing of those currently on federal and military death rows.

Click here to read the draft sign-on letter shown above. Operative requests are in the text, as above. The growing list of 290+ organizations signed will be updated regularly and may be seen here.

Endorsing organizations are asked to inform their members of the organizations' participation in this campaign, and to invite their individual participation in writing to their members of congress and otherwise making use of the resources provided at

This will be an ongoing effort until President Biden fulfills his campaign promise to abolish the federal death penalty. The ask may be modified at times as appropriate. The list of endorsing organizations will be updated regularly. The next presentation of this list will occur on June 28th, 2024. This list will continue to grow and be used by the members of congress and this ongoing campaign, as needed.

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