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The Progressive movement is at a critical time in its history as we see young Progressives in Congress pushing strong, bold ideas like the Green New Deal, a $15 Living Wage, Medicare For ALL Americans, debt free college and forgiving student debt among many wonderful solutions for our nation. The ideas and leaders of our collective Progressive movement are on the rise and gaining a tremendous amount of attention and influence in the public eye.

It is also a time of great darkness in our nation’s history, as we are witnesses to a continued resurgence in white nationalism and racism, two of our nation’s greatest sins that we have found difficult to eradicate in our society. Racial hate has become so open that the Nation’s President, our WORST ever, is publicly and openly attacking Progressive Women of Color with racist rhetoric telling them to go back to the countries they came from.

The facts are, three of the four women were born in the US, one came to our nation as a very young refugee and later obtained citizenship. ALL FOUR Women are US citizens!

Let’s not forget how these women are also called out publicly by Congressional Democratic Leaders, for standing up for issues important to the American people. These attacks held the door open for Trump to come in with his racist rhetoric attacking these progressive, women leaders. We must stand up to these racist attacks, and support and elect progressive candidates to Congress who will also stand to racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia and all other forms of bigotry they may encounter in their service to their constituents. We also must work to ensure these candidates are the ones who also support progressives policies like the Green New Deal, Medicare For ALL, Guaranteed Jobs and Debt Free College.

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