Queer Solidarity Working Group

Frederick DSA has voted to form a working group that will strategize and organize against the agenda of Transparency in Education and other aligned groups such as Moms for Liberty.

As noted by Dana Cloud in her article Queer Liberation and Socialism, "Thus, as socialists, we believe that intersectional oppressions of gender, sexuality, race, and ability are interrelated on the terrain of capitalism. Oppression functions to divide groups from one another and uses identity categories in order to keep the privatization and exploitation machines functioning. This is our theory. Its logical conclusion is that we need a struggle against particular oppressions as part of an anti-capitalist struggle. In contrast to single-issue movements, we target the system as a whole. We are revolutionary socialists."

At this time, we are requesting that if you are interested in participating with this group, you complete this form to express your interest so we can keep you in the loop about upcoming organizing efforts. We welcome all allies to this struggle.