Ready, Set, REPEAL: Ending HIV criminalization cannot wait

The Health Not Prisons Collective has launched a campaign to demand Congress pass the REPEAL (Repeal Existing Policies that Encourage and Allow Legal) HIV Discrimination Act of 2022, H.R. 6111, and we need all hands on deck!

Representative Barbara Lee first introduced the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act in 2011. It's still stuck in the U.S. House of Representatives after eleven years. Meanwhile people living with HIV are being subjected to state violence, discriminated against, policed, surveilled, and incarcerated.

We're done waiting. Pledge to fight for the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act of 2022. Whether you are signing on as an organization or individual, commit to take action!

The REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act of 2022 addresses the serious problem of discrimination in the use of criminal and civil laws against people living with HIV. We made the Ready, Set, REPEAL Toolkit for Advocates to give you all of the information and tools you need to be a fantastic advocate for the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act.

HIV criminalization laws are discriminatory, stigmatizing, and outdated. They undermine public health by discouraging HIV testing, fuel stigmatizing and discriminatory myths about HIV transmission, and further marginalize communities already vulnerable to HIV and criminalization. Fight for the rights and freedoms of people living with HIV across the U.S.. Fight for the REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act of 2022.

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