16-30 OCTOBER 2021



The habitability of our planet is at stake.

This is our last chance. We are cascading towards hell on earth with catastrophic climate breakdown. Here in Australia we are the 3rd largest exporter of carbon emissions and ranked last in climate action. We must act now and we must do whatever it takes to change this trajectory - CLIMATE CODE RED.

Even with the Federal Court recently ruling that our government has a duty of care to protect our young people, they have outrageously appealed this ruling - what kind of government actively denies they have a responsibility to protect our children?!

They are killing our children.

That’s why we are mobilising during the next sitting weeks of Federal Parliament, when the appeal is being heard, and during the international COP26 climate talks. The world will be watching.
We will be orchestrating a series of radical actions around the country starting October 16, and you are the key to our success.

Register on this form and you will get an email from us every week, with resources, videos and training opportunities, and most importantly where to be when it’s time to act together.

Come to the recruitment session this Friday (happening every week) if you haven’t been to one already.

Reclaim Our Future is a series of escalating disruptive actions, powered by Extinction Rebellion, focussed on the Federal Government in the lead-up to the departure of the Australian delegation to the international climate negotiations in November (COP 26).

During the two sitting weeks of the spring session of Parliament, starting on October 18, there will be peaceful, spectacular, disruptive and sacrificial actions happening all around the country. These will (mostly) target MP’s offices or government buildings in an escalatory fashion doing ‘whatever it takes.’ These actions will be linked by the ‘Duty of Care - Climate Emergency” messaging. A key location is Canberra and anyone that can safely get to the nation's capital should be aiming to do so.

After this sitting concludes on October 29, a further wave of Extinction Rebellion actions will begin, escalating during the 12 days of the COP (November 1-12). These actions will be linked to other actions around the world and focussed around a message from the Global South: Your greed is killing us.

Come to the recruitment session this Friday (happening every week) if you haven’t been to one already -

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