Reclaim the Web: Web Watcher Sign-Up!

Have you ever had a family member share something on social media that wasn’t quite right? Maybe they share vaccine disinformation, or a meme that was funny, but false? It might seem small, but this type of disinformation has a real impact on the way we live our lives. From if we decide to get a COVID-19 vaccine, to who we choose to vote for, or even if we vote at all!

As a Web Watcher through Reclaim The Web you’ll have all the tools you need to help stop this harmful disinformation from affecting your family and friends on platforms like Whatsapp!

Bad actors use disinformation to keep our communities from exercising our rights. They want to keep our communities from voting, or to vote for candidates who don’t have our best interest in mind.

Sign up as a Web Watcher and get access to memes, graphics, TikToks, and so much more to share with your family and friends on Whatsapp!

By joining UWDA’s Reclaim the Web Program, you’ll team up to use the power of your own social network to protect your friends and family from targeted, radicalized misinformation!

Sign up today to be a Web Watcher, a trusted messenger that our communities need to access accurate information and fight radicalization!

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