Learn About Redistricting and How to Protect Your Community

Have you ever felt like your voice is not represented in our government? Do you feel like your neighborhood always gets ignored by your representatives? Do you wish more people like you had the opportunity to represent your community at the local, state and national level?

Colorado Common Cause wants to help people like you!!

Over the next year, independent commissions will draw new political maps for our state, impacting how we are represented at the State House, State Senate and US Congress. These commissions are charged with preserving Colorado's diverse cultural, economic and geographic communities to ensure fair representation in our politics, but that can't be done unless these communities can be identified and supported throughout the process.

We will give you all the tools you need to defend your community.

We will teach you about the how the process works, give you the data and tools you need to identify and describe your community AND the resources and information you need to advocate for your community with the commissions.

Help available for individuals or organizations.

ANYONE can do this--it doesn't take a fancy degree or political experience. All you have to be able to do is talk about your community, the people who live there and why you think they deserve protection. So whether you're part of a formal organization or just an individual or group of neighbors who cares about their community, we are here to help you.

Complete the form and we will contact you to schedule training and follow-up at your convenience.

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