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Our September 25 Strike for Climate Justice in San Francisco is going to be huge! But we need lots of affinity groups to pull it off.

Affinity groups will be the core units for our disruptive action. Each affinity group will contain 4 to 20 people who all share a common interest and who know each other. These affinity groups will be deployed at key locations around the city to execute the shutdown.

Once you have assembled at least four people who are ready to take action, select at least one bottomliner for the affinity group. This person will be responsible for communicating with the shutdown organizing crew, organizing affinity group events, and keeping the group organized. We highly recommend finding more than one bottomliner or rotating the position in case something happens to that person.

Once your affinity group is assembled, have a bottomliner fill out this form!


Why we are using affinity groups for this action:

**Building capacity – The affinity group structure will allow people to participate in the shutdown without committing to volunteering with a working group. In this way, we hope to accommodate people who are passionate about the climate but limited on time.
**Building community – Members of affinity groups will all know each other personally. It will be much easier to handle intense situations in the streets if you’re surrounded by people you know and trust.
**Collective decision making – If we need to make decisions in the street, affinity groups will be the core decision-making units. An affinity group structure will allow us to quickly execute a spokescouncil model (more info on spokescouncils here)
**Tactical effectiveness – by organizing actions at the affinity group level, we can be much more targeted in our deployment of personpower and have a better sense of our capacity.
**Activist empowerment – Since affinity groups are autonomous, they are empowered to make decisions on their own during actions. They can also take actions without getting prior approval, so long as they are nonviolent in word and deed and respectful to all people, friends and foes alike.

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