Rent is Too High Candidate Pledge

The housing crisis in Arizona has increased exponentially in the past few years, with displacement, gentrification, and corporate control of housing across the state. The opportunity to create change starts with removing barriers to rent control, inclusionary zoning, and short term rental regulation. Which is why we urge you, candidate for office and future leader, to sign the Rent is Too High pledge!

By signing,

I pledge to advance policies that change housing from commodity to human right.

I pledge my commitment to advancing dignified solutions to eradicate homelessness once and for all.

I pledge to design housing policies through a racial, economic, and environmental justice perspective to uplift historically marginalized groups.

I pledge to increase investment in the public and social housing supply, along with rental, utility, and eviction relief assistance.

By signing, I confirm:

☑️ I will campaign on the Rent is Too High values.

☑️ I will run a campaign that is accountable to tenants, not developers, and to meet with members of the Rent is Too High team within 90 days of victory.
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