#RespectMyVote Modernize Voting

The citizens of this country demand the right to vote and will continue fighting. I call for the following solutions to voting in America:

1) Modernize voter registration through solutions that increase voter participation.

  • 38 states and Washington, DC offer online voter registration, a 20 state increase since 2014 (four more states passed but have not implemented OVR).
  • 15 states plus DC offer same day registration which can improve voter turnout by 10 percent.
  • Eight states plus DC have adopted automatic voter registration, a reform that removes barriers to voter registration. Illinois and Rhode Island recently passed this pro-voter reform.

2) Offer in person early voting.

  • Options which can increase voter participation between two to four percent. 37 states plus DC offer some form of early voting & programs like “Soul to the Polls” have increased turnout in minority communities.

3) Restore the voting rights of formerly incarcerated individuals.

  • An estimated 5.85 million Americans are prevented from voting because of past convictions.

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