Reunite EVERY separated family IMMEDIATELY

Lawyers working with children separated from their parents have confirmed that the parents of more than 545 kids cannot be located—because these parents were deported back to the dangerous situations without their children, with no intention of ever reuniting them with their kids.

These kids weren't separated in 2018 under the “zero tolerance” policy. They were ripped from their parents’ arms as part of a 2017 “pilot program” where over 1,000 families were separated to test out the methods that would scandalize our nation a year later.

In other words, these babies have been separated from their parents for three years now: that's over 1,000 nights sleeping alone, not knowing where their parents are or if they'll ever see them again.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt what our movement has said all along: our immigration system runs on family separation—and it’s still happening.

Families separated years ago remain torn apart, and families continue to be separated by our cruel immigration system. Sign here now to demand an end to family separations and the reunification of all families.