Riyadh White Water


We guarantee you the most reliable water and on time delivery. We are very strict in quality management and our top most priority is our Customer Satisfaction. Providing the most reliable Water Source in the Capital City of Saudi Arabia.

For supply of sweet water, we are a recognized member of Riyadh. Our goal is to offer the best Sweet Water possible while preserving its natural quality and composition by using customized container tankers.

For Swimming Pools, we give the highest quality water. Thousands of Swimming Pools can be found in Riyadh. Riyadh is where we acquire our pool water. For this supply of swimming pool water, our drivers are professional.

We provide daily use of sweet water supply service for home, restaurants, offices, markets and other commercial use in Riyadh. Our team is made of professionals who are experts in the water supply.

وايت الماء 32 طن