Save California transit - call top decisionmakers now

UPDATE - there is a new budget agreement that makes progress toward funding transit service and prevent cuts. But it doesn't do enough to prevent service cuts. There is highway funding that could be made flexible.

Public transportation systems across California are facing major budget shortfalls in the aftermath of the pandemic. If not addressed with state funding, agencies will be forced to implement devastating, potentially irrecoverable service cuts that pose a devastating threat to California’s future.  Without additional investment in the coming years, California’s goals for climate, housing, equity, and economic development—all of which are predicated on a larger and growing transit system—will slip out of reach.

Please call to urge Governor Newsom to sign the budget including the funding for transit service by June 15 - and urge the administration to use its authority to make highway funding flexible to prevent service cuts.

And if you have time, please also call to thank the legislative leaders for their hard work in negotiating this deal.

Here are the numbers to call:

Governor Newsom(916) 445-2841
Senate Pro Tem Atkins(916) 651-4039
Assembly Speaker Rendon(916) 319-2062
Assembly Budget Chair Ting(916) 319-2019
Senate Budget Chair Skinner(916) 651-4009
Incoming Speaker Rivas(916) 319-2029

Please customize this message.  

Hi, my name is xxxx and I am a California resident living in City. Public transportation is at major risk due to the pandemic. Thank you for your intention to not let transit fail!

For the Governor:

Governor Newsom, please sign the budget including the funding that can be used for transit service. And also, please use the administration's authority to make some of the highway funding flexible in order to prevent transit service cuts and help regrow ridership for our climate, housing and equity goals.

For Assembly/Senate leaders' offices:

Tell them thank you for the draft Assembly/Senate budget agreement that provides important funding to prevent service cuts! Transit is essential for our climate, housing and equity goals.

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