Join the Save UMB Coalition


In the last year, services and centers dedicated to making UMB more accessible to working parents, hungry students, people of color, veterans, community members, and countless others have been targeted for elimination. The future of UMass Boston as catalyst for class mobility and the common good is directly under threat.

A proposed parking fee hike alone would increase the cost of attending by approximately $400 a semester for commuter students only taking Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes. To park on campus five days a week for a full academic year would cost commuting students in the neighborhood of $2,000.

The recent announcement that UMass Amherst plans to buy Mt. Ida college, while UMass Boston is being forced to lay off staff and eliminate vital services to students and the community, has brought the inequality in the UMass system to a point of crisis.

We need to you send the message that not only is this fight not over but that the UMass Boston community plans to win it.

Join Save UMB, a coalition of students, staff, and faculty fighting for a fairer UMass Boston, in making phone calls, sending emails, contacting state lawmakers and letting the leaders of our city and state know that we will not rest until UMass Boston students receive the respect and dignity we deserve.