Seed the Vote Virtual Happy Hours: Host Prep Call

With about 4 months to go until the presidential election, it's time to bring more people into the urgent work to defeat Trump and build our movements for the long-term. That means talking to your friends and family about why you're committed to building power with grassroots groups in battleground states and why you want them to join you in making calls and engaging in this work together.

This is harder when we are physically isolated from one another, but that's what virtual house parties are for! If you are interested in hosting a virtual house party to bring more people and resources into Seed the Vote, sign up to join us for this call where we will give you the support and materials that you need to make it happen.The call will be on Thursday, June 25th at 5pm PST, and we will send out Zoom call-in information to everyone who registers earlier in the week.
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