Send It For Climate: Virtual Postcard

Dear Secretary of State and Shadow Secretary of State for Net Zero,

I want your party manifesto to make commitments that get us on track for net zero.

I support POW UK’s Send It For Climate campaign asks, including a commitment to end fossil fuel extraction; a transition to renewables; support of the grid and transport services; commitment to carbon literacy in government; and engagement with and support for the outdoor industry & community.

The next general election is around the corner, and it’s time to SEND IT by demanding the most ambitious party manifestos on climate action. EVER. Support our latest campaign, and help us send it for climate!

The Issue | We’re not on track to Net Zero

The UK government committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, but even according to their own climate change committee we’re not on track, and this affects everyone. Net zero is how we stop climate change, and the sooner we reach it, the more impacts we can avoid.

What is Send It For Climate?

The next UK Government must bring policies that get us back on track for net zero by 2050. The 2024 general election is our opportunity to make that happen.

How? We need the entire UK outdoor community to send a postcard in the run-up to the general election - see what we did there? SEND IT!

Policy commitments start with party manifestos, and you have the power to influence those manifestos. Our postcards outline the policy commitments needed to get us back on track to net zero, and we'll deliver them to the relevant ministers. All you need to do is fill in the blank sections and we'll take care of the rest! You can find our asks in our mini-manifesto.

Together, we can be hugely influential. Every voice matters, now more than ever. The more who send it, the more likely manifestos will include the policy commitments needed to get back on track and out of the climate crisis.

If you are able to distribute some physical postcards to your community or in a venue local to you whether as an individual or as an organisation, contact us!

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