September 14 Dancing on Bridge

Please note there is a briefing at 9:00am on the day of the action for those taking an active role to make this action successful. We encourage all to attend.

On Saturday September 14th we will be blocking Princes Bridge, Melbourne for the day. This is an act of civil disobedience, to disrupt business as usual, and draw attention to the climate and ecological emergency we are facing and that the government is ignoring - endangering the lives of all of us, and all future generations of life.

All are welcome to be part of this, and we encourage everyone to volunteer. This will be a powerful, fun and peaceful disruption. It will demonstrate to Melbourne, to Australia and to the world that we are rebelling, and that this rebellion is for everyone.

Please sign up with this form so we can fill required teams for the action to be successful. This action will help build the movement and momentum towards the October 7 Spring Rebellion and beyond.

Role descriptions:

  • Regen/Wellness: Taking care of rebels with food, water, psychological and spiritual support, etc.
  • First Aid: First aid officers to treat in case of injury, etc.
  • Legal: Legal observers and support with legal briefings, etc.
  • Arrestee Support: Monitor individuals who are arrested, meet arrestee’s when they’re released with cheers, etc.
  • Peacekeeper: De-escalate tension with public and police
  • Logistics: Infrastructure for blockade, banner drops, etc.
  • Media: Document and share the event, with outreach to communicate to public and media (before, during and after event), etc.
  • Outreach: Communicate and engage with public, etc.
  • Vibes: Help create an amazing atmosphere on the bridge, show the world that this very serious Rebellion is also about love and fun.
  • Other: You tell us!

Extinction Rebellion is us and Extinction Rebellion is you. The success of this event relies on all of us. There will be a more details to come and a briefing on the morning of the action at 9:00 am. Address TBA.

We will hold the bridge from midday until 9pm, or until we decide, through People's Assemblies, otherwise.

We expect large number of arrests, however you do not need to risk arrest to take part.

See you on the bridge.