Share your story! Why is Paid Family Leave important to you?

Whether we’re white, Black, or brown, nearly all of us will need to take time away from work to deal with a serious personal or family health issue or to welcome a new child into our family.

The Family Medical Leave Act (also called FMLA) provides for time away from work, but for millions of workers, that time is unpaid. Most working families cannot afford to miss a paycheck, even if that means not being there for our families.

We are working to ensure all workers have the paid time off we need to welcome a new child or care for a family member.

Missouri Jobs with Justice leaders and member organizations have knocked on doors and made phone calls to talk to St. Louis City residents about this issue and also held in-district meetings with Alders to ask them to support this policy. We joined more than two dozen organizations to call for Paid Parental, Caregiver, and Military Leave for all City of St. Louis employees.

During her State of the City speech, Mayor Tishaura Jones committed $1 million for paid family leave for St. Louis City workers!

None of us should be forced to choose between going into debt or taking time to care for our family. Will you join us to make paid family leave a reality for more workers?

What's your story? Why do you support paid family leave?

There is power in our stories.

  • When is a time that you needed paid leave to care for family or loved ones?
  • How was having access to Paid Family Leave helpful?
  • What was the impact if you didn’t have Paid Family Leave?
  • Share why you support a Missouri where all of us can afford to care for our families.