Sign the petition: Stop future abuse of executive power with the Protecting Our Democracy Act!

House Democrats are planning to reintroduce the Protecting Our Democracy Act, a historic package of pro-democracy reforms that would be a critical step toward restoring accountability and rooting out corruption in America.

After shamelessly flouting anti-corruption norms, traditions, and laws, former President Trump exposed the glaring cracks in our system of checks and balances. Even after January 6, he’s evaded any accountability. The Fulton County probe is the only investigation related (indirectly) to the insurrection that has gathered any steam, proving that presidents can go so far as to incite an attack on the Capitol without facing legal consequences.

And as one of his parting gifts, Trump left behind a treasure map for future tyrants on dismantling each of democracy’s guardrails that prevented him from usurping power after losing the 2020 election – instructions on how to succeed where he did not. And many conservative politicians are taking note.

The lack of consequences for Trump’s actions has created a permission structure wherein corruption has become acceptable, and ethical behavior no longer matters. Without the concern that their corrupt actions will lead to a political price, many lawmakers stopped cooperating with Congressional investigations, including stonewalling House Ethics investigators examining improper financial conduct.

The authority of congressional subpoenas has also been shaken. A long list of Trump allies, from former White House staff to current U.S. Representatives, have refused Congressional subpoenas, creating further obstacles to finding the truth behind the January 6 events and preventing it from happening again.

The Protecting Our Democracy Act would:
  • Preventing foreign interference in elections
  • Preventing the abuse of presidential pardon power
  • And it would make it harder for the White House to interfere with Department of Justice investigations        

Norms in a democracy are only as good as our willingness to enforce them. Sign and send the petition: The Senate must pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act now!

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