Sign Black Voters Matter's Voting Rights Contract

Elected Officials and Political Candidates:

Voting rights are under attack, and the American people are tired of Congressional inaction.

After nearly two years of fighting at the State and Federal levels, there remains no Federal legislation designed to protect this most essential of rights.

We need your help to bring resolution to this issue, protect our Democracy, and ensure widespread public participation in future elections.

Black Voters Matter's Voting Rights Contract is designed to act as a public ledger to inform the public of those legislators and candidates who are committed to passing federal voting rights legislation. You can be on the right side of history by signing on today and - most importantly - taking key action towards advancing voting rights legislation while in office.

Your consituents and the American public at large are counting on you to ensure that our most sacred of rights are protected. Can we count on you to join us in the fight?

After signing you will be provided with a social media toolkit to let your constituents and fellow legislators know of your committment to protecting Democracy!