Sign if you agree: The clean economy must be unionized

President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress passed three historic, job-creating laws: the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), and the CHIPS and Science Act. These legislative milestones have already created jobs, and more jobs are on their way—the IRA, for example, is projected to create more than 9 million jobs over the next decade. As new clean economy jobs become available, we must ensure these new positions are good union jobs.

Union jobs outperform non-union roles in pay, benefits, and workplace safety—earning 20% more than their non-union counterparts, on average. By organizing for higher compensation, job stability, and training, they also narrow racial and gender wealth gaps. Unions are key to ensuring marginalized and displaced workers benefit from robust labor standards and protections.

Employers also benefit from a unionized workforce. For example, the IRA rewards companies with millions in tax credits when they meet labor standards for the construction of clean energy projects. When workplaces are safer, workers are more resilient, and labor costs are offset, everyone wins.

As urgency grows to reduce emissions and clean up our air and water, and working people increasingly demand our fair share of profits, now is the time to build a clean economy that ensures a promising future for all. Enabling workers to unionize reduces income, racial, and gender inequality, creating a cleaner, more prosperous, and equitable economy.

Sign if you agree: The clean economy must be unionized.

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