Sign Now: Congressional Workers Need a Union!

“Having a union to benefit the workplace and give people a voice on the job is probably one of the most effective ways to actually help Congress help the American people.”

More than half of the members of Congress are millionaires. But their staff -- the people who run the actual day to day work, write legislation, and meet with constituents -- often work 60-70 hour weeks, but can’t afford rent in one of the highest cost-of-living cities in the country.

As a result, Congressional workers don’t represent America. To take a staff job for a member of Congress, a worker has to either be financially independent through other means (usually a wealthy family member) or willing to go on food stamps. The low wages and long hours contribute to the revolving door, as they trade their experience on the Hill for a high-paid lobbying gig.

These workers need a union. But right now, Congressional workers don’t have the legal protections and rights to organize that most Americans do. Now they’re trying to change that.

There’s a union organizing campaign underway right now, and Rep. Andy Levin and Sen. Sherrod Brown have each introduced legislation to repeal Congress’s exemption from labor law.

More Perfect Union sat down with congressional workers who are organizing this campaign to improve working conditions in Congress. Hear their stories, then take action to tell Congress you support their right to organize!

A Congress made up of millionaires, staffed by children of the wealthy who are working to build rolodexes in order to become corporate lobbyists will never represent the American people’s interests. Allowing Congressional workers to form unions will provide a level playing field and let true public servants get to work in Washington DC.

Sign now:
Tell Congress you support the Congressional Workers Union’s organizing campaign! Hold a vote on Resolution 915 to reform the Congressional Accountability Act immediately!