SIGN NOW: Dump the filibuster

The fight for democracy is more urgent than ever. This summer, Senate Democrats are going to be fighting for voting rights, shoring up fair pay, preventing gun violence, combatting the climate crisis, and trying to pass President Biden’s American Jobs & Families Plans. These are policies that will ensure that young people can grow up in a fairer, safer, thriving community.

But because Republicans can block most legislation with just 40 votes, the only way we’re going to secure a democracy that works for all of us, no matter our race, income, or zip code, is to get rid of the Jim Crow-era filibuster.

Sign now: The Senate must ditch the filibuster.

Young voters turned out in droves to elect Democrats to the White House, the Senate, and the House so that they could pass progressive policies to improve our lives. Young people gave Democrats a mandate to go big—to fight for a future for all of us.

But the filibuster sets up an uneven playing field that protects the broken status quo. The Republican strategy is to block all legislation, and allow the extremist judges they confirmed with just 50 votes to shape the policy landscape. The filibuster doesn’t promote compromise. Instead, it provides a veto point for anything but tax cuts and judges.

Democracy reform isn’t just about letting people vote—it’s also about letting the people we elect enact the policies they ran on.

Add your name to demand the Senate get rid of the filibuster.