SIGN NOW: Electrify Heavy Duty Trucks!

We are living through a code red for humanity. If we do not swiftly and firmly change the way we live, the climate crisis will irreparably damage our society, with the most dire consequences of our inaction falling upon our communities — communities of color.

The Biden administration has made bold promises on climate change, but until those promises are followed by bold action they’re nothing more than a distraction. It’s time to put pressure on President Biden to put action behind his words!

While passenger vehicles have made great strides in electrification, heavy duty trucks are regulated entirely separately, and emission standards are much lower. Commercial heavy duty trucks alone are responsible for 24% of carbon emissions in this country!

In 2021, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order that moves us in the right direction: “Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks". But until federal government agencies actually move on these goals, this Order pays lip service to a problem that demands action.

It’s time for President Biden to strengthen emissions requirements for heavy duty trucks, with a move toward fully electrifying them!

Trucking electrification is not just a viable and desired alternative to fossil fuels. Pollution, specifically truck based pollution, is a racial justice issue in an era where Black and marginalized communities are buckling under the weight of inordinate pollution. Black and marginalized communities are exposed to 28% more nitrous pollutants on average than their more privileged and more white counterparts. Racism runs through the lines drawn for the interstate highways system, with heavy car pollution poisoning communities without the heavy hitting privilege to fight this public health disaster. This pollution directly leads to egregiously high rates of chronic and life threatening conditions, including (but by no means limited to): cancer, asthma, and early heart disease.

Join us in calling federal agencies, especially the EPA, to implement their environmental promises and electrify America’s transportation sector.