SIGN NOW: Expand Medicare!

Congress is preparing to take a big step towards expanding Medicare―but it’s going to take all of our voices to get it across the finish line.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is working with Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders on a package to lower the Medicare eligibility age to 60, and expand its benefits to cover dental, vision, and hearing. And the bill is being written in a way that it can pass the Senate with a simple majority vote.

Expanding Medicare in this way would be a huge victory―but its passage isn’t guaranteed. Can you add your name to tell Congress you support expanding Medicare?

Medicare goes hand-in-hand with Social Security to allow Americans to retire with dignity. But because Medicare doesn’t cover vision, dental, or hearing, seniors wind up either having to purchase private insurance on top of Medicare, or paying through the nose for glasses and hearing aids. This bill would change that.

Here’s the bottom line: Seniors have eyes, ears, and teeth. It’s about time Medicare covered them.

Lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60 would bring millions of Americans into Medicare. It would be easy to administer, and provide some security to a group of folks who struggle to re-enter the workforce after the COVID recession due to age discrimination.

Both of these changes would shorten the path to Medicare for All by creating necessary improvements to the program and covering more people. We can make it happen if we push.

ADD YOUR NAME: Congress must expand Medicare and lower the eligibility age to 60 in the next reconciliation package.