Sign now if you support investing in our communities rather than endless wars

Anti-War Rally Chicago Illinois 4-21-18 0947"Anti-War Rally Chicago Illinois 4-21-18 0947" by is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

We JUST ended an expensive, destructive 20-year war in Afghanistan.

But one day after that war ended, 14 Democrats voted with Republicans in the House Armed Services Committee to drastically increase the Defense Department budget.

They voted for a budget that’s $25 billion more than what President Joe Biden was seeking, which was already an increase to last year’s outrageously-massive budget.

We already spend more on our military than the next 11 nations combined. Meanwhile, families across the country are struggling to make ends meet.

Instead of ending the endless wars or helping our neighbors, Congressmembers on both sides of the aisle keep rubber stamping annual increases for weapons and defense contractors. The House of Representatives is expected to vote this week on the National Defense Authorization Act.

Please sign if you agree: We need to invest in our communities, not the military-industrial complex.