SIGN NOW: No Climate, No Deal!

Will we face a climate crisis, a climate emergency, or a climate apocalypse?  

What happens over the next few months will determine the outcome.

Between wildfires in the West, catastrophic flooding in Europe and China, and 100 degree temperatures in Antarctica, the climate crisis is here.

President Biden has called for critical funding to stave off the worst aspects of the climate crisis. But Republican obstruction could stop it from becoming law.

The infrastructure package MUST be a climate package. Sign now if you agree: No climate, no deal!

We need a Civilian Climate Corps, a Clean Electricity Standard, and massive investments in renewable fuels to get our society off of planet-killing carbon.

In 20 years, no one will remember the vote count on the first half of an infrastructure package. But they will remember if we squander the opportunity for action on the climate.

SIGN NOW: No climate, no deal!

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