Sign Now: Stop Voter Suppressive ID Laws!

Did you know that Voter ID requirements might be on the ballot in Nevada? Probably not – and that’s exactly what the shadowy groups behind it want.

Voter suppression advocates are collecting signatures as we speak, and if they succeed in November, Nevada will have some of the strictest Voter ID laws in the nation – disproportionately harming young, Black, and Hispanic communities.

And this isn’t unique to Nevada. For years now, strict voter suppression laws aimed at attacking the youth vote have passed in legislatures across the country.

We need legislation that protects the sacred right to vote for young people.

Senator Jon Ossoff just introduced the Right To Vote Act to cement the fundamental right to vote into law.

The bill would establish an unprecedented statutory right to vote in Federal elections, which would protect every eligible voter from laws that make it harder to cast a ballot ― including voter ID laws.

The Right to Vote Act is a critical piece of legislation that Congress needs to pass to secure the right to vote for future generations. Sign the petition today and become a grassroots co-signer! >>