Sign now to Congress: Don’t expand national security powers at the expense of our rights

On January 6th, a violent mob of white nationalists attacked the U.S. Capitol in one of the darkest days for our democracy. We must hold these insurrectionists accountable, along with the government officials who incited and encouraged them.

In the wake of the attack, some members of Congress are pushing to expand our domestic terrorism laws. But such measures will further erode our human and civil rights.

Every time our country has increased its national security powers, they’ve been used to disproportionately target, surveil, and criminalize already-over-policed communities of color and religious minorities—the same marginalized groups targeted by white nationalists.

Sign now to tell Congress: Don’t expand national security powers at the expense of our rights. Use existing tools to hold white nationalists and insurrectionists accountable.

As long as white people have been in this country, violent white mobs have inflicted terror as part of maintaining the unjust status quo. And they’ve gotten away with it.

Our national government already has the tools (including over 50 federal statutes), resources, and authority needed to investigate and hold accountable the people who participated in January 6th’s insurrection. It’s just a matter of political will.

That’s why over 150 civil and human rights groups sent a letter to Congres opposing the creation of a new domestic terrorism charge, and it’s why 10 progressive members of Congress, led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, sent a letter to congressional leadership opposing any expansion of our national security powers. And now we urgently need members of the public to do the same.

Please sign now to tell Congress: In the wake of January 6th’s attack, it’s imperative to use existing laws, powers, and regulations to address white nationalist and far-right extremist groups' threats to our national security. Do not expand national security powers or laws, which would likely erode our liberties and jeopardize our rights.