Sign now to demand COVID relief include stimulus checks

COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are surging across the country—continually breaking records as thousands of people die every day. Meanwhile, nearly 800,000 people are applying for unemployment each week, many slipping into poverty and homelessness.

Since April, Republicans in the Senate have blocked the many COVID relief bills that Democrats have passed in the House. But finally, momentum is building for a bipartisan COVID relief package—which would need to be passed by the end of this month, before aid programs for renters and jobless Americans expire.

Senators and Representatives are working toward an agreement to announce soon, but the bipartisan proposal does not include a new round of stimulus checks.

We know that directly giving people money is the best way to immediately address their economic needs. More than 120 economists have pushed for another round of checks, noting that direct cash payments are "one of the quickest, most equitable, and most effective ways to get families and the economy back on track."

Sign now to demand that stimulus checks be included in the COVID relief bill that’s under consideration.

Right now, the proposed plan includes a limited extension of federal unemployment assistance, a continued pause on student loan payments, some eviction protections, funding for COVID testing and vaccine distribution, and funding for businesses, schools, and state and local governments.

It’s not nearly enough, but Congress can go bigger in January once a new president and Congress are sworn in. For right now, we’re limited to what already has bipartisan support—which includes stimulus checks! And our communities cannot wait for immediate, direct relief.  

With COVID relief finally on the horizon, we must include stimulus checks to directly support people in need. Please sign now to demand Congress include direct payments to people and families in upcoming COVID relief legislation!