Sign now to President Biden: Stop the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians! Don’t allow Israel’s government to force the Palestinian people out of their historic homeland.

In the past 3 months, Israel’s government has forced more than 90% of the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza out of their homes.

Razing entire neighborhoods to the ground and destroying a majority of buildings, Israel’s government has rapidly made much of Gaza uninhabitable.

This mass displacement is a war crime. Israel’s military has also bombed locations where it forced people to relocate—areas designated as “safe zones.”

Most of these bombs are provided and made by the United States, including extremely destructive 2,000-pound bombs known as “bunker busters” that leave craters in the earth.

The Israeli government is also starving Palestinians in Gaza, continuing to block essentials like food, water, electricity, and medicine. Hundreds of thousands of Gaza’s residents are suffering from disease in overcrowded shelters without adequate sanitation or healthcare.

The bombing and blockade of Gaza has already killed at least 25,000 Palestinians. That’s more than 1 in every 100 people in Gaza!

What’s happening is already ethnic cleansing. But many Israeli politicians want to go even further, openly calling to permanently expel all Palestinians from Gaza into other countries—and advocating for replacing them with Israeli settlers.

Senior Israeli officials have demanded a “second Nakba,” referring to the catastrophe of 1948, when Zionist militias violently expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their lands, destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages, and massacred about 15,000 Palestinians.

Some survivors of 1948’s Nakba fled to Gaza. As with Palestinians in exile outside of Palestine, those refugees were denied the right to return home. Now they and their descendants have become refugees once more, forced to flee multiple locations in just three months.

A member of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet said: “We are now rolling out the Gaza Nakba.”

Biden and leaders in his administration say they reject forced displacement of Palestinians. But their actions show otherwise: They’re continuing to arm and fund Israel’s military as it commits these war crimes, while shielding Israel’s government from accountability.

Sign now to demand President Biden and leaders in his administration end this campaign of ethnic cleansing. We cannot let Israel’s government forcibly displace Palestinians, expel Palestinians from their ancestral homeland, or move Israeli settlers into Gaza.