Sign now to tell President Biden and Congress: Ceasefire now! Stop funding the genocide of Palestinians!

The number of children killed in Gaza in just three weeks has surpassed the annual number of children killed across the world’s conflict zones since 2019.

The American people do not support funding for war crimes—like the use of white phosphorus bombs. 80% of Democratic voters and a clear majority of Republican voters are calling for a ceasefire.

But the President we helped elect baselessly casts doubt on the Palestinian death toll, even as we see video after video of dead children and parents under rubble. And a majority of Representatives in the House just voted to send $14.3 billion to the Israeli military, with no humanitarian conditions.

Our political leaders can’t find money to help U.S. residents meet their basic needs, but they want to send more weapons to carry out war crimes, violations of international law, and ethnic cleansing.

Add your name now to tell President Biden and Members of Congress:

  • Support a ceasefire now! Stop shielding Israel’s government from accountability and blocking attempts for a ceasefire, including through vetoes of UN resolutions.

  • Push Israel’s government to lift the blockade on Gaza so Palestinians can access food, clean water, medical supplies, electricity, and telecommunications.

  • End U.S. aid to Israel’s military. No more U.S. tax dollars for weapons and bombs used to slaughter Palestinians.

Note: The video on this page shares chants from peaceful protests around the country, including the widely used phrase: “from the river to the sea.” This phrase is a call for democracy and equality throughout the region—for Palestinians to have equal rights alongside Israelis, and for an end to the apartheid system that treats Palestinians as sub-human. Between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, 7 million Palestinians live under Israeli control without basic human rights. Achieving a just and lasting peace requires lifting the blockade, ending the occupation, and dismantling the dehumanizing system of apartheid.