SIGN NOW: Use government procurement powers to fight the climate crisis!

There’s something Biden can immediately do that affects our health, economy, and security. He can take on the climate crisis by using the hundreds of billions of dollars the government spends on goods and services to buy goods and services made sustainably in the United States.

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren says on our blog this week:

“The crisis is here, happening in front of our eyes and hurting low-income communities and communities of color the most. It is happening because of choices too often dictated by the fossil fuel industry and their allies. But just as our society’s choices have led to the crisis, our choices moving forward can provide solutions.”

“Making sure that the federal government uses its significant purchasing power to drive investments into a clean energy innovation and deployment is a bold and highly popular step that the Biden administration can act on quickly after taking office.”

Add your name: Tell Biden to take action on the climate crisis by using the government’s purchasing power to buy sustainable and American made products.

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