Sign on: I Pledge to Vote Pro-choice in 2024

Abortion wins elections, full stop. Since Roe was overturned in 2022, we've seen the power of the pro-choice majority in places like Kansas, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Montana, and more. Recent polling from the Wall Street Journal confirms that a decisive majority of Americans believe that abortion should be legal.

Now, Republicans are counting on us to slow down, check out, and stay home—because they know that abortion rights are overwhelmingly popular, and when our pro-choice majority turns out, we win.

GOP plans to ban abortion nationwide and threats to criminalize patients and providers have only gotten more extreme, and the stakes are simply too high for us to slow down now.

To secure access to abortion, we must elect pro-choice candidates at every level, from city council to state house. Will you pledge to vote pro-choice in every 2024 election and to actively support the prochoice champions running to represent us?

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