Academics - Sign On in Support of PrOTECT

The Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency is advocating for a law to be passed called PrOTECT (Preventing Overpolicing through Equitable Community Treatment). PrOTECT seeks to ban the use of consent searches and limit discretionary stops by police.

Click here to view a support letter for PrOTECT for people in academia to sign. The letter along with the complete list of signatories will be delivered to the mayor and city councilmembers.

Please complete this form to add your name to the list of signees.


PrOTECT will:

  • Require officers to have probable cause to stop, detain or search a person (this includes “Fourth Waivers” - people on probation or parole who have waived some of their Fourth Amendment rights);
  • Eliminate stops for certain equipment violations (i.e. expired registration, broken turn signal, etc.);
  • Prohibit officers from questioning people about any offense beyond the offense for which they were stopped unless the officers have probable cause; and
  • Hold officers accountable if they violate the PrOTECT ordinance. If an officer violates PrOTECT, the affected person may sue the city and potentially collect fines. Officers who violate the stop and search requirements may face misdemeanor charges. An annual report and audit will be produced to evaluate law enforcement's compliance.

You can learn more about the ordinance by reading the PrOTECT factsheet.