Sign-on Letter: People of Faith for the Climate Strikes

As Faith and Moral leaders we invite you

  • Dave Archambault II, Former Chairman, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • Rev. Traci Blackmon, Associate General Minister of Justice & Local Church Ministries, United Church of Christ
  • Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, American Theravada Monk and Buddhist Scholar
  • Rev. Allan Boesak, Liberation Theologian
  • Dr. Leonardo Boff, Brazilian Eco-Theologian, Philosopher, and Writer
  • Tara Brach, PhD, Speaker, Author, Founder of Insight Meditation Center of Washington DC
  • Rabbi Nina Cardin, Director, Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network
  • Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Founder, Green the Church
  • Imam Saffet Catovic, Sr. Environmental Advisor, Islamic Society of North America
  • Pastor François Clavairoly, President, French Protestant Federation
  • Dr. David Clough, Professor of Theological Ethics, University of Chester, UK
  • Rev. John Dorhauer, General Minister and President, United Church of Christ
  • Dr. Eugen Drewermann, German Peace Activist, Eco-Theologian, Philosopher, and Writer
  • Bishop Francisco Duque-Gomez, Episcopal Diocese of Colombia
  • Rev. Nathan Empsall, Campaigns Director, Faithful America
  • Fr. Alfredo Ferro, S.J., Coordinator, Conference of Jesuit Provincials of Latin America
  • Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, President, Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Dr. Mirele B. Goldsmith, Jewish Earth Alliance
  • Rev. Dan Gonzalez Ortega, Rector, Comunidad Teológica de México
  • Karenna Gore, Director, Center for Earth Ethics
  • Rev. Dr. Carlos Ham, President, Seminario Evangélico de Matanzas, Cuba
  • Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, GreenFaith
  • Lisa Sharon Harper, Writer, Senior Fellow, Auburn Theological Seminary
  • Rev. Susan Hendershot, President, Interfaith Power & Light
  • Hajj Fazlun Khalid, Director, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science
  • Fr. Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam SDB, Coordinator of the Sector on Ecology & Creation, Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, The Vatican
  • His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Buddhist Monk and Spiritual Leader of Tibet
  • Dr. Joanna Macy, Buddhist Teacher & Author
  • Rev. Milton Mejias, Former President, Latin American Council of Churches
  • Dr. Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean, Boston University School of Theology
  • Rev. Mary Katherin Morn, President & CEO, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
  • Harriett Olson, Chief Executive Officer, United Methodist Women
  • Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte, President, Meadville Lombard Theological School
  • Rev. Dr. Teresa Hord Owens, General Minister and President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Dr. Larry Rasmussen, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics emeritus, Union Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Luis Rivera, Dean, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary
  • Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, Theologian and Writer
  • Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation
  • Imam Zaid Shakir, Co-Founder, Zaytuna College
  • Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Co-Director, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology
  • Rev. Gloria Ulloa, World Council of Churches, President from the Caribbean/Latin America
  • Dr. Javier Viera, Dean, Drew Theological School
  • Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Director, The Shalom Center
  • Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Senior Rabbi, Masorti Judaism UK

On Friday, September 20, 2019 young people around the world are engaging in a Global Climate Strike to demand urgent action by world leaders based on values of compassion, love, and justice. Organizers are inviting their peers and adult allies to join them in stepping away from school, work, or their normal activities to join them.

We fully support this strike. We urge people of faith and spirit everywhere in the world to join this vital action.

For decades, scientists and activists have sounded an alarm, calling for a comprehensive response to the climate crisis.

In recognition of the fact that such a response has not materialized, youth and young adults have courageously stepped out of their classrooms and into the streets each week on Fridays, bravely expressing their fear and anger because of such inaction. Their message could not be clearer: governments must immediately mount a values-based, urgent, and massive response to climate change. We cannot continue business as usual and still save a planet for their future.

Our spiritual and religious traditions call us to love and protect the earth, our neighbors, and future generations. In relation to climate change, our present path represents our failure to live that love.

We must hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for the greed, injustice, and wreckage they’ve financed and supported. Despite the many advances in human wellbeing since the dawn of fossil fuels and industrialization, we know that era is over and we need to move towards 100% clean and renewable energy to build the world of tomorrow.

As religious leaders and people of faith, we call on people of all faiths and spiritualities to join the world’s youth on September 20 in demanding for a proper response to climate change. A response that is urgent. A response that is just.

We are people of many different faiths and spiritualities. We are united in knowing that we must do everything possible to protect the future of young people and our precious planet.

Our faith calls us to join the climate strike on September 20.

Join us!

List of signers in progress:

Abhaya Bonnie Burns Bragg
Acharya Daniele Bollini
Acharya Martin Janowitz
Acharya Adam Lobel
Acharya Barbara Maertens
Acharya Fleet Maull
Acharya Melissa Moore
Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown
Acharya Alfonso Taboada
Acolyte Ilion troya
Archbishop Thabo Makgoba
Archdeacon Betsy Bennett
Ayya Anandabodhi Bhikkhuni
Ayya Santacitta Bhikkhuni
Bhikkhuni Ayya Dhammadhira
Bhikkuni Bhikkhuni Poonsirivara
Bhikshu Bhiksu Gache
Bhikshu Nguyen Luc
Bhiksuni Bhikshuni Chodron
Bhiksuni Jampa Thubten
Bishop Ivan Abrahams
Bishop Jane Alexander
Bishop Marc Andrus
Bishop George Victor Browning
Bishop Herbert Buyondo
Bishop Geoffrey Davies
Bishop Francisco Duque
Bishop Paul Egensteiner
Bishop Chad Gandiya
Bishop A. Robert Hirschfeld
Bishop Alfred Johnson
Bishop Ingeborg Midttomme
Bishop Prince Singh
Bishop Gunnar Stalsett
Bishop Rowan Williams
Br Jonathan de Vera
Br William Stevens
Br. kevin cawley
Br. Patrick Dennis Dunne
Br. John Gill
Br. Dominique Lang
Br. John Mahoney
Br. Conrado Tejada
Br. Anthony Zuba
Canon Canon Giles Goddard Goddard
Canon Phyllis Jones
Canon Rachel Mash
Canon Peter Rainford
Cantor Emily Blank
Cantor Jacqueline Marx
Cantor Rachel Rhodes
Cantor Ken Richmond
Cantor Jodi Sufrin
Chaplain Xavier Gravend-Tirole
Chaplain Melanie Klein
Chaplain Kye Kye
Chaplain Rachel Lopez Rosenberg
Chaplain Sharon Plankenhorn
Chaplain Melissa Robinson
Chaplain Joanie Trussel
Chaplain Jeanette Acland
Deacon Cynthia Barski
Deacon Steven Beumer
Deacon David Borzenski
Deacon Joseph Clavijo
Deacon Mary Friedman
Deacon G. L. Hodge
Deacon Joanne Leslie
Deacon Desmond Majekkodunmi
Deacon Patricia Masterman
Deacon Sally Megeath
Deacon Anthony Moran
Deacon Meg Nielsen
Deaconess Mable Sichali
Dean Leah Gunning Francis
Dharma Leader Ginger Clarkson
Dharma Leader Kathryn Turnipseed
Dharma Leader Peter Williams
Dharma Master Johnny Petersen
Dharma Teacher John Bell
Dharma Teacher Linda Cutts
Dharma Teacher Charles DiCapua
Dharma Teacher Anna Douglas
Dharma Teacher Kirsten Kratz
Dharma Teacher Rebecca Li
Dharma Teacher Kaira Jewel Lingo
Dharma Teacher David Loy
Dharma Teacher Wes Nisker
Dharma Teacher Yanai Postelnik
Dharma Teacher Jude Robison
Dharma Teacher Joe Smith
Dharmacarini Sheila Groonell
Dharmacharani Allie Allie
Dharmachari Dh Amalaketu
Dharmacharini Suryagita Cox
Dharmacharini Jane Evans
Dharmacharini Susan Lupson
Dharmacharini Sraddha Mayi
Dharmacharini Samacitta Muller
Dharmacharini Sahajatara Sahajatara
Dharmacharini Prabhakari Wynn
Dharnachari Maitrikaya Keogh
Dr. Karen A. Killeen
Dr. Joy Ackerman
Dr. Elizabeth Allison
Dr. Dorothy Anderson
Dr. David Andes
Dr. Nelson Araque
Dr. Arnold C. Ashcraft
Dr. Peter Bakken
Dr. David Barnhart
Dr. Petrina Barson
Dr. Fran Board
Dr. Kathryn Boniface
Dr. Maia Boswell-Penc
Dr. Barbara Breitman
Dr. Matthew Brensilver
Dr. Presian Burroughs
Dr. Colin Cargill
Dr. Fernando Cascante
Dr. Sidney Chang
Dr. abraham chikasa
Dr. Valentin Ciubotaru
Dr. Mary Coelho
Dr. Heide Catherina Coppotelli
Dr. Chris Crews
Dr. Lucy Cummings
Dr. Douglas Daetz
Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen
Dr. Robert C Dickson
Dr. Peter Digre
Dr. Bonnie Duran
Dr. Rose Dyson
Dr. Blanca Lucia Echeverry
Dr. Jacob Erickson
Dr. Marshall Fogel
Dr. miok fowler
Dr. Janyth Fredrickson
Dr. Eugene Fuerst
Dr. Lorna Gold
Dr. Warren Gold
Dr. Mirele Goldsmith
Dr. Teresa Goodell
Dr. Trudy Goodman
Dr. Trudy Goodman
Dr. Jack Gorman
Dr. Peter Gotlieb
Dr. randolph Haluza-DeLay
Dr. Cheryl Hamilton
Dr. Braam Hanekom
Dr. Kt Hartless Rose
Dr. Michelle Hayes
Dr. Robert Howell
Dr. David Jensen
Dr. Kelly Johnson
Dr. Narapa Johnson
Dr. Stephen Narapa Johnson
Dr. Peter Jones
Dr. Deborah Jordan
Dr. Stephen Jurovics
Dr. Susala Kay
Dr. Cleo Kearns
Dr. Laurel Kearns
Dr. Wayne Keeler
Dr. William (Coty) Keller
Dr. Julie Kidd
Dr. Martin Kopp
Dr. David Kupp
Dr. Dermot Lane
Dr. Seng Lee
Dr. Brian Lestini
Dr. Anthony Lioi
Dr. Melissa Marote
Dr. Traci Marx
Dr. Mallory McDuff
Dr. Frances Melott
Dr. Richard Milne
Dr. Nikki Mirghafori
Dr. Vivienne Moore
Dr. Donovan More
Dr. Anne Morris
Dr. Diana Newson
Dr. Trisha Ormond
Dr. Jim Paris
Dr. Lee Parks
Dr. Ramesh Pattni
Dr. Amanda Peyton
Dr. Mick Pope
Dr. Hayu Prabowo
Dr. Susan Profeta
Dr. Eleanor Rae
Dr. Leah Rampy
Dr. Liza Rankow
Dr. Tina Rasmussen
Dr. Quentin Reilly
Dr. Luis Rivera
Dr. Christa Rivola
Dr. Maria Roca
Dr. Cybelle Shattuck
Dr. Katherine Shea
Dr. Gary Smith
Dr. Gauri Srivastawa
Dr. Stephanie Terril
Dr. Betty Tom
Dr. Karma Lekshe Tsomo
Dr. Gene Tunnell
Dr. Penelope Turton
Dr. William Van Eimeren
Dr. Lowie van Liere
Dr. Timothy Van Meter
Dr. Lois Vanderkooi
Dr. Elizabeth Vitale
Dr. Richard Waldrop
Dr. Mike Walker
Dr. Mark Waltzer
Dr. Daniel Weber
Dr. Gwen Weil
Dr. Kate Whitfield
Dr. Sarah Williams
Dr. Andy Wimbush
Dr. Christiane Wolf
Dr. Lyla Yastion
Dr. David Young
Dr. Deborah Zawislan
Dr. Elisabetta Zazzeroni
Elder Ann Davis
Elder Stanley Kaka
Elder Pam McVety
Elder Nancy Pienta
Elder Sylvia Thorson-Smith
Elder Patricia Townsend
Elder Ames Yokel
Elder Kenneth Amoateng
Elder Connie Knapp
Ervad Jehan Bagli
Evangelist LaGreta Brown
Father Ronald Lemmert
Father James O'Brien
Fr. John Fontana
Fr. Lawrence Mick
Fr. Terrence Moran
Fr. Eamonn O'Brien
Fr. Richard Rohr
Fr. William Weiksnar
Gelong Tenzin Legtsok
Geshe Tenzin Losle
Hajj Fazlun Khalid
Hazzan Yitzhak Ben-Moshe
Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid
Imam Saffet Catovic
imam john ederer
Imam Taha Hassane
Imam Rabi'a Keeble
Imam Khalid Latif
Imam Zaid Shakir
Imam Imam Saidy
Khalifa Karima Vargas Bushnell
Kohenet Rae Abileah
Kohenet Leah GYle Bourne
Kohenet Rachel Dale
Kohenet Batya Diamond
Kohenet Elyza Richmon HaLev
Kohenet Nancy Handwerger
Kohenet Judith Hollander
Kohenet Sharon Jaffe
Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser
Kohenet Devorah Ross
Kohenet Mei Mei Miriyam Sanford
Kohenet Emily Silverman M.Div, Ph.D
Kohenet Bekah Starr
Kohenet Ilana Joy Streit
Lama Zoe de Bray
Lama Lama Losang
Lama Willa Miller
Mallam Muhammad Al-Mahroof
Master Benjamin Laniado
Master Vincent Vuillemin
Min Linda Conroy
Min. Kathryn Anderson
Min. Brooks Berndt
Min. lyla bowhem
Min. Tory Capron
Min. Wei-Jen Chen
Min. patrick coffey
Min. Maria Conlon
Min. Maryann Crea
Min. Cynthia Davidson
Min. Neal Ferrris
Min. Kim Marie Glynn
Min. Mary Gutierrez
Min. Judith Hardcastle
Min. Lisa Harmon
Min. Christopher John SSF
Min. Millie Phillips
Min. Dona Schaper
Min. Karen Lee Scrivo
Pastor Herbert Anders
Pastor Dean Cerny
Pastor Elijah Chellah
Pastor Marion Clark
Pastor Kenneth Clifton
Pastor Terry Daniel
Pastor Michael Doran
Pastor Darryl Gaston
Pastor Jessica Miller
Pastor Anthony Mitchell
Pastor Michael Mulberry
Pastor Iyiola Olayori
Pastor Rebecca Patterson
Pastor Stephanie Price
Pastor Ariovaldo Ramos
Pastor Craig Schaub
Pastor Becky Taylor
Pastor Lily Tinker Fortel
Pastor David Turner
Pastor Robert Wiseman, csc
Pastor Nancy Wright
Prof. Bhikkhu Analayo
Prof. Swarnjit Arora
Prof. Ashraf Attia
Prof. Matthias Beier
Prof. Allan Boesak
Prof. Clair Brown
Prof. Dwight Collins
Prof. Malcolm Cowburn
Prof. David Curtis
Prof. Mark Douglas
Prof. Daniela Gioseffi
Prof. Roger Gottlieb
Prof. Mary Grey
Prof. Nancy Griffeth
Prof. Ibrahim Izdemir
Prof. Ramdas Lamb
Prof. Mark Lawrence
Prof. Edwin Jose Mora Guevara
Prof. Amgalan Natsagdorj
Prof. Susan Prill
Prof. Karin Reinhold
Prof. Debra Rienstra
Prof. Joanna Rotte
Prof. Robert Sanders
Prof. Troy Shinbrot
Prof. Chrysostomos Stamoulis
Prof. Max Velmans
Rabbi Leora Abelson
Rabbi Alison Adler
Rabbi Benjamin Barnett
Rabbi Eliot Baskin
Rabbi Rena Blumenthal
Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton
Rabbi Stephen Booth-Nadav
Rabbi Joshua Breindel
Rabbi Geoffrey Brown
Rabbi Debra Cantor
Rabbi Nina Cardin
Rabbi Howard Cohen
Rabbi Michael M. Cohen
Rabbi Mike Comins
Rabbi Nate DeGroot
Rabbi Fred Dobb
Rabbi Judith Edelstein
Rabbi Jean Eglinton
Rabbi Amy Eilberg
Rabbi Susan Falk
Rabbi Rabbi Michael Feinberg
Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer
Rabbi Adam Fisher
Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari
Rabbi Laurie Franklin
Rabbi Shoshana Friedman
Rabbi Ruth Gais
Rabbi Jonah Geffen
Rabbi Moshe Givental
Rabbi Maya Glasser
Rabbi mel gottlieb
Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann
Rabbi Lisa Grant
Rabbi David Greenstein
Rabbi Rayn Grossman
Rabbi Moshe Raphael Halfon
Rabbi Patti Haskell
Rabbi Linda Holtzman
Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz
Rabbi Marisa James
Rabbi Michael Joseph
Rabbi Randy Kafka
Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum
Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman
Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum
Rabbi Dusty Klass
Rabbi Malkah Binah Klein
Rabbi Jonathan Kligler
Rabbi Beth Kramer-Mazer
Rabbi Jeremy Kridel
Rabbi Michael Adam Latz
Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie
Rabbi David Lerner
Rabbi Michael Lerner
Rabbi Kelly Levy
Rabbi yael levy
Rabbi Andrea London
Rabbi Anna Maranta, haKohenet
Rabbi Paula Marcus
Rabbi Richard Marker
Rabbi Nathan Martin
Rabbi Janice Mehring
Rabbi Rachel Mikva
Rabbi Goldie Milgram
Rabbi David Mivasair
Rabbi Dina Najman
Rabbi Tracy Nathan
Rabbi Jeffrey Newman
Rabbi Dev Noily
Rabbi Lee Paskind
Rabbi Salem Pearce
Rabbi Linda Potemken
Rabbi Victor Reinstein
Rabbi Mira Rivera
Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose
Rabbi Jennie Rosenn
Rabbi Isaiah Rothstein
Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Rubenstein
Rabbi Laura Rumpf
Rabbi Eva Sax-Bolder
Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller
Rabbi Daniel Schaefer
Rabbi Judith Schindler
Rabbi Howie Schneider
Rabbi Stephen Segar
Rabbi Gerald Serotta
Rabbi Drorah Setel
Rabbi Ellie Shemtov
Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner
Rabbi Burt Siegel
Rabbi Becky Silverstein
Rabbi Jonathan Singer
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp
Rabbi Marc Soloway
Rabbi Toba Spitzer
Rabbi Warren Stone
Rabbi Louis Sutker
Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp
Rabbi Dena Trugman
Rabbi David Vaisberg
Rabbi Rabbi Burton Visotzky
Rabbi Benjamin Weiner
Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub
Rabbi Ora Weiss
Rabbi Shifra Weiss-Penzias
Rabbi Aryeh Wineman
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Rabbi Michal Woll
Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe
Rabbi Shawn Zevit
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp
Rabbi Anne Brener
Rabbi Dr. Arthur Waskow
Rector Ranjit Mathews
Rector Victoria McGrath
Rector Margaret Otterburn
Rev. Jessica Abell
Rev. amos acree
Rev. Kevin Agee
Rev. Katie Aikins
Rev. Ann Marie Alderman
Rev. Armida Alexander
Rev. Andrea Allan
Rev. Kierstin Allen
Rev. Mary Louise Allen
Rev. Stephanie Allen
Rev. Tyler Amundson
Rev. T. Denise Anderson
Rev. Susan Anderson-Smith
Rev. John Ankele
Rev. Guenter Apsel
Rev. Karen Armina
Rev. Alexander Arthurs
Rev. David Austin
Rev. Gordon Bailey
Rev. Ashley Bair
Rev. Cathlin Baker
Rev. Peter Balabanski
Rev. Anne Bancroft
Rev. Elizabeth Banks
Rev. Eric Banner
Rev. Linda Barnes
Rev. Rebecca Barnes-Davies
Rev. Tracie Barrett
Rev. Kevin Bates
Rev. Martha Bays
Rev. Wendy Bell
Rev. Lauren Bennett
Rev. Sofia Betancourt
Rev. Deb Bird
Rev. Kris Bjerke-Ulliman
Rev. Robert Blanchard
Rev. Doug Bland
Rev. Bonita Bock
Rev. Laura Bogle
Rev. Kate Bottorff
Rev. Carole Boutwell
Rev. David Bowring
Rev. Tricia Brennan
Rev. Emily Brewer
Rev. Brad Brookins
Rev. Bradford Brookins
Rev. Amy Brooks
Rev. Jean Brown
Rev. Tisha Brown
Rev. Gregory Brown
Rev. Gayle Browne
Rev. Robert Browning
Rev. Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford
Rev. Micah Bucey
Rev. Adam Bucko
Rev. Lora Burge
Rev. Allan Burton
Rev. Laurie Bushbaum
Rev. Elizabeth Bussmann
Rev. Patrick Campbell
Rev. Jordan Cantwell
Rev. Florence Caplow
Rev. Vanessa Cardinale
Rev. Thomas Carr
Rev. Amy Carter
Rev. Michael Carter
Rev. Jose Luis Casal
Rev. Emily Castner
Rev. Christine Caton
Rev. Nelson fernando Celis Angel
Rev. Ellie Charman
Rev. Leslie Chartier
Rev. Peggy Clarke
Rev. Abigail Clauhs
Rev. François Clavairoly
Rev. Paula Clayton Dempsey
Rev. Joe Cleveland
Rev. Gena Cline
Rev. Kayla Coffee-Prose
Rev. Carolyn Coleman
Rev. Mary Frances Comer
Rev. Norman Comtois
Rev. Julie Conrady
Rev. Julie Conrady
Rev. Daniel Cooperrider
Rev. Alison Cornish
Rev. Jhon Freddy Correa
Rev. Cathleen Cox
Rev. Christopher Craun
Rev. Kathryn Craven
Rev. Kaye Crawford
Rev. Malia Crawford
Rev. Kenneth Crouch
Rev. Pattie Curtis
Rev. Geoff Curtiss
Rev. Newton Daddow
Rev. Dan Dan
Rev. Christine Dance
Rev. Shelly Davis
Rev. Peter De Franco
Rev. Terry de Grace Morris
Rev. Christopher De La Cruz
Rev. Nathan DeMay
Rev. Frances Deverell
Rev. Carol Devine
Rev. Kelly Dignan
Rev. Eric Dillenbeck
Rev. Daniel Disch
Rev. Kaji Dousa
Rev. Megan Dowdell
Rev. Annette Dreyer
Rev. Beth DuBois
Rev. Vilius Rudra Dundzila
Rev. Dave Dunn
Rev. Jane Dwinell
Rev. Jana Dye
Rev. Molly Dykstra
Rev. Ray Elberson
Rev. Gretchen Elmendorf
Rev. Rev. Emily Farrell
Rev. Richenda Fairhurst
Rev. Allison Farnum
Rev. Barnaby Feder
Rev. Anne Findlay-Chamberlain
Rev. Aileen Fitzke
Rev. Mary Foran
Rev. Martha Lyle Ford
Rev. Chris Fortin
Rev. Alexa Fraser
Rev. Amy Freedman
Rev. Jillian Froebe
Rev. Robyn Fry
Rev. Audette Fulbright
Rev. Dalene Fuller Rogers
Rev. Kali Fyre
Rev. Marilyn Gallaway Lange
Rev. Mary Ganz
Rev. Lynn Gardner
Rev. Mariano Gargiulo
Rev. Ray Gaston
Rev. Mary Gaut
Rev. Mary Gear
Rev. Jeffrey Geary
Rev. Cynthia Geisen
Rev. Mark Genszler
Rev. John Gibbons
Rev. Charles Gibbs
Rev. Tom Gleeson
Rev. Elizabeth Gleich
Rev. Kevin Goldenbogen
Rev. Elizabeth Grainger
Rev. John Gregory-Davis
Rev. Mary Grigolia
Rev. Grace Hackney
Rev. Gretchen Haley
Rev. Holly Hallman
Rev. Ann Hallstein
Rev. Steve Halsted
Rev. Julia Hamilton
Rev. Steven Hamilton
Rev. Kim Hardy
Rev. Patricia Hart
Rev. Paul Hartig
Rev. Kathleen Hatlevig
Rev. Lidvald Haugen-Strand
Rev. Martin Hauser
Rev. Timothy Haut
Rev. Jimmie Hawkins
Rev. Abigail Heimach-Snipes
Rev. Paul Heins
Rev. Rich Hendricks
Rev. Carmen Hernandez
Rev. Christiane Heyde
Rev. Louise Higginbotham
Rev. Linda Higgins
Rev. Kate Hillis
Rev. Mary Hnottavange-Telleen
Rev. Linda Hoddy
Rev. Marsha Hoecker
Rev. M. Lara Hoke
Rev. Robert Hrasna
Rev. James Hug
Rev. Eve Ilsen
Rev. Lee Ireland
Rev. Kathryn Irwin
Rev. Livingstone Jacob
Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval
Rev. Katherine Jesch
Rev. Susan-Lynn Johns
Rev. Sheryl Johnson
Rev. Tracy Johnson
Rev. Karen G Johnston
Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Rev. Emma Jordan-Simpson
Rev. Sally Juarez
Rev. Susan Karlson
Rev. Mary Keenan
Rev. Marti Keller
Rev. Vicki Kemper
Rev. Amanda Kerr
Rev. Elizabeth Ketcham
Rev. Amy Kindred
Rev. Alice King
Rev. Marcia Klepper-Smith
Rev. Catherine Knowles
Rev. Jed Koball
Rev. Mark Koenig
Rev. David Kohlmeier
Rev. Chi Kwang
Rev. Sadie Lansdale
Rev. Marvin Lare
Rev. Per Larsson
Rev. Wayne A Laws
Rev. Nancy Leckerling
Rev. Irene Lee
Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger
Rev. Laiseni Fanon Charisma Liava'a
Rev. Kris Litman-Koon
Rev. John Long
Rev. Melodie Long
Rev. Inga Oyan Longbrake
Rev. Ann Lougee
Rev. Hans Lutz
Rev. Ian Lynch
Rev. Alex Mabbs
Rev. Sarah Wells Macias
Rev. Rob Macpherson
Rev. Jim Magaw
Rev. John Francis Maher
Rev. Johannes Roux Malan
Rev. Michael Malcom
Rev. Leslie Mamas
Rev. Mary Beth Mankin
Rev. Rob Mark
Rev. Lynn Marsh
Rev. Dennis Marshall
Rev. Scott Martin
Rev. Lorna Mason
Rev. rachel mastin
Rev. DaVita McCallister
Rev. Jessica McCrae
Rev. Andrea McDougall
Rev. Will McGarvey
Rev. Debra McGill
Rev. Matthew McHale
Rev. Nancy McHugh
Rev. Julia McKay
Rev. Diana McLean
Rev. Sarah Gettie McNeill
Rev. Kathleen McTigue
Rev. F. Mark Mealing, Ph.D.
Rev. Milton Mejía
Rev. Emily Melcher
Rev. Morgan Mercer Ladd
Rev. Ninabeth Metcalf
Rev. Mira Mickiewicz
Rev. Dennis Milanzi
Rev. Andrew Millard
Rev. John and Joan Miller
Rev. Adelene Mills
Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh
Rev. Patricia Mitchel
Rev. Lisa Mobayed
Rev. Roger Mock
Rev. abby mohaupt
Rev. Heather Moody
Rev. Michael Moore
Rev. Peter Moore
Rev. Melanie Mullen
Rev. Gerry Murphy
Rev. Elaine Murray
Rev. Andrew Nagy-Benson
Rev. Mark Nash-Williams
Rev. Cody Natland
Rev. Ali Newell
Rev. John Nightingale
Rev. Josphat Nkole
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom
Rev. Beth O'Malley
Rev. Rev Ed O'Malley
Rev. Michael O'Shea
Rev. Sara Ofner-Seals
Rev. Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan
Rev. Douglas Olds
Rev. Janet Onnie
Rev. Kathleen Owens
Rev. Luanne Panarotti
Rev. Rev. Jim Patterson
Rev. Steve Paynter
Rev. Anita Peebles
Rev. Julie Peeples
Rev. Lawrence Peers
Rev. Duffy Peet
Rev. Carmine Pernini
Rev. Lisa Perry-Wood
Rev. Rev'd Peter Doodes
Rev. Lindsey Peterson
Rev. Kathleen A. Pforr
Rev. Andrew Philip
Rev. Margot Pickett
Rev. John Pitney
Rev. Kwame Pitts
Rev. Bryan Plude
Rev. LeDayne McLeese Polaski
Rev. Brian Polkinghorne
Rev. Bernice Powell Jackson
Rev. Abhishek Prabhakar John
Rev. Meighan Pritchard
Rev. Carla Pryne
Rev. John Queripel
Rev. Paula Rachal
Rev. Elizabeth Raine
Rev. Lindi Ramsden
Rev. Sheri Randolph
Rev. Alicia Randolph Rapking
Rev. Kristy Ray
Rev. Tamara K. Razzano
Rev. Nancy Reid-McKee
Rev. Lennart Renöfält
Rev. Myriam Renaud
Rev. David Rice
Rev. Amelia Richardson Dress
Rev. Diane Riley
Rev. Meg Riley
Rev. Aaron Roberts
Rev. Tracey Robinson-Harris
Rev. Esther Robles
Rev. Satya Robyn
Rev. Jonathan Rogers
Rev. Sandra Rosen
Rev. SteveKanji Ruhl
Rev. Bethany Russell-Lowe
Rev. I. Malik Saafir
Rev. Jennifer Sanders
Rev. Douglas Satre
Rev. Brian Sauder
Rev. Toni Saul
Rev. Margaret Sawyer
Rev. Erica Schemper
Rev. Valeria Schmidt
Rev. Teresa Schwartz
Rev. Suzanne Schwarz-Green
Rev. Ken Scott
Rev. Will Scott
Rev. Jennifer Seaich
Rev. S. Elizabeth Searle
Rev. Gail Seavey
Rev. Hozan Alan Senauke
Rev. Rev. Simon Shadowlight
Rev. Kent Siladi
Rev. Vitalino Similox
Rev. Evan Simmond
Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter
Rev. Elisabeth Simpson
Rev. McKinley Sims
Rev. Mark Sirnic
Rev. KC Slack
Rev. Austin Smith
Rev. Michael D Smith
Rev. Sue Smith
Rev. Toni Smith
Rev. David Snyder
Rev. Paul Snyder
Rev. Elizabeth Sollie
Rev. Henrik Sonntag
Rev. Stephanie Sorge
Rev. Betsy Sowers
Rev. Paul Sprecher
Rev. Tracy Springberry
Rev. Karen St. Peter
Rev. Eve Stevens
Rev. Kate Stevens
Rev. R. Matthew Stevens
Rev. Linnea Stifler

Rev. Maggie Stirling Troy
Rev. Aaron Stockwell
Rev. Janet Stoddard
Rev. Sandra Strauss
Rev. Carol Strecker
Rev. David Stump
Rev. Ragan Sutterfield
Rev. Nadine Swahnberg
Rev. Chris Swift
Rev. Jan Taddeo
Rev. Jan Taddeo, Unitarian Universalist
Rev. katy taylor
Rev. David Telfort
Rev. Rosalind Terry
Rev. Mark Terwilliger
Rev. Einar Tjelle
Rev. Carol Tompkins
Rev. Adita Torres
Rev. Jessica Torres Torres
Rev. Susannah Tuttle
Rev. Lindasusan Ulrich
Rev. Jennifer Valentine
Rev. Derek van Gulden
Rev. Shannan Vance-Ocampo
Rev. Elizabeth Vander Haagen
Rev. Ken Vander Wall
Rev. Deanna Vandiver
Rev. Noel Vanek
Rev. Tuhina Verma Rasche
Rev. Chochma Vida
Rev. Amy Carol Webb
Rev. William Wellman
Rev. Gail Wheatley
Rev. Mariama White-Hammond
Rev. Neil Whitehouse
Rev. Elizabeth Ann Wicht
Rev. Christine Widrig
Rev. Kim Wildszewski
Rev. Cynthia Willauer
Rev. Carl Wilton
Rev. D. Marama Winder
Rev. James Woodal
Rev. Stephanie Wooten
Rev. Elsa Worth
Rev. Nina Wynn
Rev. Crystal Zerfoss
Rev. Dr. Robert Abarno
Rev. Dr. Maria Agustsdottir
Rev. Dr. Eileen Altman
Rev. Dr. Susan Andrews
Rev. Dr. Jim Antal
Rev. Dr. Leonisa Ardizzone
Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo
Rev. Dr. Sarah Bachelard
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Baker-Smith
Rev. Dr. MaAn Barcelo
Rev. Dr. TK Barger
Rev. Dr. Loletta Barrett
Rev. Dr. Alan Bentz-Letts
Rev. Dr. Johan Bergh
Rev. Dr. Chloe Breyer
Rev. Dr. Daniel Brunner
Rev. Dr. Rita Capezzi
Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll
Rev. Dr. Doris Chandler
Rev. Dr. Shannon Clarkson
Rev. Dr. Tracy Clayton
Rev. Dr. Davida Foy Crabtree
Rev. Dr. Cristian De La Rosa
Rev. Dr. Susan DeGeorge
Rev. Dr. Timothy Eberhart
Rev. Dr. Jan Edmiston
Rev. Dr. Priscilla Eppinger
Rev. Dr. James Fouther Jr
Rev. Dr. Jacque Franklin
Rev. Dr. Terry Gallagher
Rev. Dr. Kathy Galloway
Rev. Dr. Richard Gilbert
Rev. Dr. Martha Gilliss
Rev. Dr. Chris Goringe
Rev. Dr. Kendra Grams
Rev. Dr. Robert Kaku Gunn
Rev. Dr. Carlos Ham
Rev. Dr. Susanne Intriligator
Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson
Rev. Dr. Julie Kain
Rev. Dr. Felicity Kelcourse
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kirk
Rev. Dr. Lizabeth Klein
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Landrum
Rev. Dr. Marjorie Matty
Rev. Dr. Merideth Mueller
Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki
Rev. Dr. Ed O'Malley
Rev. Dr. Linda Olson Peebles
Rev. Dr. Jongmae Park
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker
Rev. Dr. Russell Pierson
Rev. Dr. Ruth Rosell
Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler
Rev. Dr. Ingrid Scott
Rev. Dr. Robert Shore-Goss
Rev. Dr. Deborah Silver
Rev. Dr. Lise Sparrow
Rev. Dr. Daniel Spencer
Rev. Dr. Rochelle Stackhouse
Rev. Dr. Marc Stewart
Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart
Rev. Dr. Frank Stith
Rev. Dr. Roger Tilden
Rev. Dr. Michael Trainor
Rev. Dr. Lynn Ungar
Rev. Dr. Rafael Vallejo
Rev. Dr. Franklin Vilas
Rev. Dr. Kate Walker
Rev. Dr. Marlene Walker
Rev. Dr. Diane Weible
Rev. Dr. Traci West
Rev. Dr. Damaris Whittaker
Rev. Dr. Tetsuzen Wirth
Rev. Dr. Malva Wise-White
Rev. Dr. Michael Sniffen
Rev. Dr. William Kopwe
Roshi Zenki Christian Dillo
Roshi Ruben Habito
Roshi Joan Hoeberichts
Roshi Enkyo O'Hara
Roshi Shinko Perez
Roshi Shishin Wick
Sardar Gurkamal Singh
Sardar Pavneet singh
Sardar Ravneet Singh
Sardarni Sarpreet Kaur
Sensei Paul Gyodo Agostinelli
Sensei Aaron Hoopes
Shastri Stephen Gleich
Shastri Russell Rodgers
Shastri Ruth Wallen
Sir Moffat Kaunda
Sr. Joan Agro
Sr. Ruth Battaglia
Sr. Elaine Betoncourt
Sr. Barbara Bolster
Sr. Joan Brown
Sr. Anne Marie Bucher
Sr. Karen Burke
Sr. Elizabeth Carpentier
Sr. Mary Brigid Clingman, OP
Sr. Dolores Congdon
Sr. Sister Carol Anne Corley
Sr. Anne Cougle
Sr. True Vow Cthenghiem
Sr. Claudette Cusack rsm
Sr. Barbara Daniel
Sr. Carol De Angelo
Sr. Sr. Jackie Doepker
Sr. Nancy Erts
Sr. Maureen Fiedler
Sr. teresa Flaherty
Sr. Wendy Flannery
Sr. Elizabeth M. Foster
Sr. Patricia Frost
Sr. Debrah Funfsinn
Sr. Sr. Debrah Funfsinn
Sr. Helen Furness
Sr. Marie Gaillac
Sr. Joan Gallagher, CSJ
Sr. Mary Ann Garisto
Sr. Jeanne Goyette
Sr. Anne Marie Graham
Sr. Linda Gregg
Sr. Barbara Hansen
Sr. Maire Hayes
Sr. Margarita Jamias
Sr. Shelly Jhetoo
Sr. Faith Jones
Sr. Honora Kinney
Sr. Kathleen Ann Kolb
Sr. Donna Korba
Sr. Margaret Kruse
Sr. Frances Maguire
Sr. Joan Mahoney
Sr. Kate Mannes
Sr. Mary Manz
Sr. Kathleen McAlpin
Sr. Mindy McDonald
Sr. Christina McGarry
Sr. Kathleen McGonigle
Sr. Claire McGowan
Sr. Marie Moore
Sr. joan moorhem
Sr. Rosemary Mwagarezano
Sr. Mary O' Dwyer
Sr. Ann-Maree O'Beirne rsm
Sr. Lelia o'shea
Sr. Mary Ellen OBoyle
Sr. Leone Pallisier
Sr. Rosa de Lima Pereira
Sr. Evelyn Piche
Sr. Maxine Pohlman
Sr. Patricia Powell
Sr. Therese Power
Sr. Eileen Quade
Sr. Margery Race
Sr. Kathleen Ross
Sr. Liz Rother sm
Sr. Maria Elisa Sarmento Pato de Macedo
Sr. Joellen Sbrissa, CSJ
Sr. Jill Shirvington OP
Sr. Mary Southard
Sr. Mary A. Sullivan, OP
Sr. Eleanor Uhl OP
Sr. Rosie Vaske, osf
Sr. J. Venneman
Sr. Anna Ventura
Sr. Sister Veronice Plelwinski, OSF
Sr. Lucinda Wills
Sr. Elizabeth Young
Sr. Paulette Zimmerman
Sr. Meditation Instructor Ericka Berland
Sr. Min. Jack Groverland
Sr. Pastor Joseph Robinson, Jr.
Sr. Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin
Teacher Lulu Cook
Teacher David Marshall
Teacher Gladys P. Mangiduyos
Teacher Beth Sternlieb
Ujier Alberto Mogollon
Ustadha Wafa Omran
Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi
Ven. Dhammadipa Cardenas
Ven. De Hong
Ven. Tenzin Namjong
Ven. Tashi Nyima
Ven. Tenzin Palmo
Ven. Tsondru Sonam
Ven. Thubten Zoksang
Ven. Thich Thong Phap
Ven. Michael Aegerter
Ven. Anandajoti Bhikkhu
Ven. Youwang Shih
Ven. Tathaloka Theri
Ven. Dr. Sumedh Thero
Vicar Suzanne Campise
Vicar Ricardo Jimenez-Reyes
Zen Master Alexandra Porter
Zen Master Daebong Sunim
Zen Priest Susan Linnell
Zen Priest Edwina Norton
Zen Teacher Ruud Baanders
Zen Teacher David Loy
Deborah Parker
Archie Abaire
Dina Abdelzaher
Nasira Abdul-Aleem
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
Ismahan Abdullahi
Heather Abel
Elizabeth Ackerman
Alma Adams
Eileen Adams
Holliday Adams
Marjorie Adams
Ruth A Adams
Adeseye Adegboye
Philbert Aganyo
Kay Ahaus
Ayya Ahimsa
Zainib Ahmad
Jennie Akse
Tariq Al-Olaimy
Donald Alder
Julie Alexander
Jamal Ali
Aaliyan Alim
Neil Allaire
Chris Allan
Jennifer Alldredge
Lisa Allee
Grant Allen
Margaret Allen
Owen Allen
Vickey Allen
Diane Allison
Sahar Alsahlani
Benjamin Alter
Arnold Ambundo
Rajasilpa Arachchige Amith Senanayake
Elaine Anne
Marcia Annenberg
Colin Apelt
Patricia Archer
Pam Arifian
Jere Armen
Lynn Armstrong
Sally Armstrong
Toni Arnold
Rosemary Arp
Mandana Arvandi
Ed Asbun
Laura Asermily
Frances Aubrey
Charlotte Austin
Nouhad Awwad
Daniela Bachmann
Dan Bagwell
Kathleen Bailey
Sherree Bailey
Elaine Bailey-Fryd
Sarah Baird
Briana Baker
Liz Baker
iman bakker
Peter Balaz
Deborah Baldwin
Lillian Ball
Miriam Balluff
Mohammad Banawan
James Baraz
Michael Bard
Kristin Barker
Sems Barley
Deborah Barndt
Janine Barnett-Phillips
Liesje Barratt
Charlotte Basham
Dr Daud Batchelor
Candace Batycki
Fred Baurer
Wilf Bean
Elaine Becker
Kelly Becker
Patricia Becker
Elizabeth Begley
Lotifa Begum
Franz-Josef Behr
Frances beinecke
Karyn Beisner
Andre Benfica
Richard Bentley
Marilyn Berberich
LeeAnne Beres
Jessica Berlin
Jana Bertkau
David Bethune
Denice Bezoplenko
Anil Bhanot
Chandako Bhikkhu
Adriana Bi
Dario Bialer
Rebecca Bierbaum
Rita Bijons
Shirley Biscotti
Matthew Black
Don Blagsvedt
Dave Blair
Xavier Blas
Susan Bleiler
Alison Blenkinsop
Bruce Blohm
Christina Bloom
Jonny Blundell
Cherice Bock
Cee Bodman
Dorothy Boorse
Dieter Borchardt
Joan Bouchard
Cate Bowden
Peter Bowden
Fay Bowen
Joan Boyle
Jonathan Boyne
Tara Brach
Kathy Bradley
Norma Bradley
Joy Braker
Sarah Bramble
Mogens Brandt
David Braun
Bill Breakey
Lyn Breen
Catherine Brennan
Charles Brexel Sr.
Joran Briding
Susan Brinckerhoff
Ronnie Brockman
Will Broderick
JT Bromley
Judith Bromley Nicholls
Brianna Brown
David Brown
Mallory Brown
Robert Brown
Jim Browne
Wynn Bruce
Natascha Bruckner
Agnes Brueggen
Bas Bruggeman
Margaret Brusasco-Mackenzie
Chiquana Bryant
Anthony Buch
Fiona Buchanan
dorothy buckley
Rudelmar Bueno de Faria
Nicky Bull
Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
rob burbea
rob burbea
Kathleen Burek
Anthony Burke
Anne Burt
Richard Butz
Anne Byerly
Maggie Bywater
Adoracion Caballero
Colleen Cabot
Karen Caddis
John Calhoun
Gary Campbell
George Canetti
William Cansler
Jon Cape
Carole Caplan
Pau Cardoner I Bordes
Nasri Careem
Dani Carew
Claire Carey
Matthew Carlson
Stevie Carmody
Paulette Caron
Priscilla Carothers
Clare Carpenter
Kathleen Carpenter
Karen Carriere
Sue Carson Carson
Julie Carter
Diana Cartwright
Judith Casburn
Theresa Casey
Eugene Cash
Myrna Castaline
Lisa Cathelyn
Marilyn Catherine
janice cawthorn
Joe Ceccarelli
Isaiah Chabala
Susan Chamberlin
Debra Chamberlin Taylor
J Chambers
Martha Chambers
Nivedita Chandrappa
susan chapman
Mahin Charles
Penelope Charrette
sunil kumar chaudhary
kenny chism
Mary Chmielowiec
Samten Chodron
brighteous chooma
Mohammad Shah Alam Chowdhury
Christine Christine
Kate Chung
Richard Chuvarsky
Craig Clark
Janice Clark
Annette Clarke
Janika Cleghorn
Jonathan Cloud
Kip Coerper
Jonathan Cohen
Wendi Cohen
Howard Cohn
Charissa Collazo
Fred Collin
Hope Collins
Stephanie Collins
Chayley Collis
Cindy Coltman
Alyssa Colton
james colwell
Libby Comeaux
Emily Conger
Carol Conley
Jason Connor
Rosemarie Constable
Patricia Constantino
Mauro Conversi
Deborah Convery
Cathy Cortright
Steve Costa
Mary Costello
Padraig Cotter
Beatrice Coulomb
Bob Cox
kenneth w cox
Mary Cox
Robert Cox
Susan Cox
Laurrie Cozza
Susan Crandell
Harry Creamer
Mark Creighton
Peg Crilly
Diana Crowder
Bill Crowley
Kate Culbertson
Kim Curd
Cindy Curran
Anne Curtis
Marie Curtis
Anne Cushman
Linda Cutting
Dominique Cyr
Elizabeth Czhubirka
FatherRaymond D'Souza
Helen Dagley
Arthur Dahl
Jonathan Dale
Anne Dalesandro
Paola Dalle Carbonare
James Daly
Jorge Dana
Donna Daniell
Dominique Daniels
Barbara Darling-Smith
Ritwajit Das
Pinaki Dasgupta
Sister Colleen Dauerbach SSJ
Wilma Davidson
Kate Davies
Fred Davis
Sofia Dayan
Daniela Dayley
Nicki Dayley
Francesca De Gasparis
Ad de Kort
Jamie De Luce
Joao Antonio de Souza e Silva
Roeland de Vust
Debbie Debbie
sally Decheine
Ida Dega
Robert DellaBosca
Judy Denberg
Simon Dennis
Rachael Denny
Mary DePinto
Victor DeRubeis
Robin Devaney
Kathy devos
Staci DeVries
Narayan Dhakal
Avnash Dhanjal
Carolina Diaz Chan
Valda Dickinson
Mike Dickman
Sandra Dillon
Doris Dinkelmann
Charlotte Dion
Tony Dobson
Eljakim Doeseb
Joanna Dokson
Jean-Marie Donohue
Carolyn Dorflinger
Robin Dorko
carol dotterer
Camille Doucet
Corinne Doud
Andy Douglas
Kimberley Douglass
Edward Dovey
Adele Dow
Mary Beth Downing
Michael Downs
Lu Doyle
Pauline Druffel
Archana Dubey
Mary Duennes
Carmel Duffy
James Duffy
Michelle Dugan
Donna Dugas
Robert Duke
Bethany Dukehart
Christopher Duncan
Christopher Dunham
Gerald Durley
Patricia Dwight
Mark Dwortzan
Elizabeth Eakin
Michael Earle
Sue Ebbeson
Joachim Eble
Bob Edwards
Tom Edwards
Shirley Eglington
Miriam Eichler
Alisa Eilenberg
Tim Eisemann
Kerstin Eklöf
Hassan El-Alami
Sharon Elias
Amani Elikia
mary ellen
Carolyn Elliott
Joanie Elliott
Willow Embry
Mary Englerth
Reita Ennis
Lily Enright
Gus Escher
Dan Esposito
Bart Everson
Helen Evison
Vilo Exantus
Janes Fairley
David Falcon
Janet Farness
Emily Farnworth
Mary Farr
Douglas Farrell
Michael Feeguson
Rainer Fehrenbacher
Beula Felix
Jozef Felix
Nkam Felix
Faith Femi-Ogunyemi
Simone Fenger
Nicole Fergusson Moss
Stanley Fernandez
Annette Fernholz
Carole Fernholz
Frances Ferrari
Antonio Ferreira
Maria Ferreira
Rania Fetouh
Linda Fields
Laura File Long
Robert Filocco
Nana Firman
Nuke Firman
Elaine Fischer
Joan Fischer
Chris Fisher
Helen Fisher
Malcolm Fitzpatrick
Cara Fleischer
Claudia Florentin
Catherine Flowers
Ursula Flueckiger
Walter Fluker
Denise Fonseca
Mia Forbes
Alexandra Forget
Sofie Loeve Forsberg
J Foster
Katherine Foulser
Jeremy Fox
Joy Fox
Cassandra Fralix
doug franklin
Mary Franklin
Bernita Franzel
Karen Frederick
Chella Freeberg
Geri Freedman
Debra French
Kevin Fried
Michelle Fried
Barbara Friedland
Katherine Fritsch
Joyce Frohn
Douglas Fruge
Olivia Fuchs
Susan Fuller
Catherine Furlani
Heidi Furman
Carol Fusco
David Gaewski
John Gall
Rhiannon Gallagher
Rosemary Ganley
Rebecca Gant
Gary Gardner
Sophia Gardner
Esther Garvett
Shelley Gault
Carol Gay
Kathleen Geelan
Andy Gerhart
Linda Ghaderi
jahnn gibson
Pamela Gilchrist
Steve Gilliam
Elisha Gilner
James Gilroy
Stephen Ginley
Sandy Ginsberg
Josephine Girardin
Janet Glass
Melissa Glassman
Barbara Glatthorn
Jaqui Glucksman
Fran Glushakow
Mary Jane Gocher
Marcy Gold
Boniface Gomes
Marilyn Goninon
Margaret Goodman
Michael S Goodman
Karenna Gore
Diana Gould
Charlie Graham
Richard Grant
Marjorie Gray
Kate Green
Mike Green
William Green
Helen Greene
Dianne Greenwald
Pamylle Greinke
Sharon Gretzinger
Catherine Greven
Denise Griffen
Dave Griswold
Joanne Groshardt
Max Gross
David Grovic-Rauenzahn
Rosemarie Grubba
Amy Gruen
Karyn Grunwald
Si Abdelkader Guenoun
Lois Gundrum
Joanne Haessig
Lin Hagedorn
David Hales
Suzanne Halstead
claire halverson
Esa Hamalainen
Sandra Hammond
Josh Hanft
Sue Hansen
Art Hanson
Soledad Haren
Harper Hargrove
Sylvia Harland
Mary Harper
Eileen Harrington
Susie Harrington
Garry Harris
Grove Harris
Paul Harris
Zoe Harris
Gillian Harrison
Julie Harrison
Cassidhe Hart
Robert Hart
iLah Hartung
Marcia Hartwig
Anne Harvey
Michele Harvey
Syed Hasan
Robert Haslag
Susan Hasse
Hayley Hathaway
Jim Hayes
Robert Hayes
Randy Haynes
Jim Head
Christine hedge
Ingrid Hedman
Lotta Hedström
Natalie Heling
Christine Heming
Carol Hemphill
Patricia Henderson
Richard Hendricks
Natalie Herbermann
Alan Herbert
Christina Herman
Dave Herman
Lisa Herrington
Celine Herrmann
Nathan Hetrick
Cullan Hevans
Greg Hewitt
Wendie Highsmith
Janelle Hill
Judith Hill
renee hills
Bill Hilton
Ingrid Hindell
Dana Hiscock
Phyllis Hockley
Char Hoffman
Wanda Holcombe
Melanie-Anne Holland
Barbara Hollenbach
Linda Hollingsworth
MaryLouise Holly
Lisa Holmberg
Brenda Holoboff
Mary Ann Holtz
Beth Hook
Elizabeth Hooper
Penny Hooper
Augusta Hopkins
Linda Hopper
Emily Horn
Vincent Horn
Valerie Horne
Carter Horton
Sharon Horvath
Charlene Hosenfeld
Cathleen Hothersall
Betsey House
Sam House
Jennifer Houston
Charles Huddleston
Carolyn Hudson
Liz Hudson
Charles Huffman
steve Hughes
David Hughes
Dale Hulst
Bob Humphries
Amanda Hunt
Obie Hunt
Cricket Hunter
Meaghan Hurley
Chris Hurst
Inger Hutton
Shadia Igram
Margaret Ingalls
Catherine Ingram
william insley
Asif Iqbal
Ernest Isaacs
Lenore Isleib
Per Ivar Våje
Nancy Jaffee
Bawa Jain
Shakeila James
Lisa James-Hahn
Iman Jandali
Andrew Jay
Kathleen Jefferies
Chris Zenshin Jeffries
Kathy Jellison
jeffrey Jenkins
Linda Jenkins
Stephen Jens-rochow
Bridget Jensen
Angelika Joachim
Ana Johnson

James Johnson
Kris Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Mary Ellen Johnson
Rick Johnson
Wilma Johnson
Les Johnston
Paul Jones
Susan Jones
Samuel Jordan
Rick Joye
Emmalee June
Helen Kaar
Habiba Kabir
Amy Kalblein
Alexandre Kaluzhski
Eunice Kamaara
Rufus Kamran
Ann Marie Kane
Barbara Kane
Linda Kaplan
Nancy KapLon
laurel karabatsos
Susan Karlson
sameena karmally
Terri Karp
Rajnish Kashyap
Mary Eden Kasraie
Zul Kassamali
Peggy Kaufmann
Supreet Kaur
Laraib Kausar
Tracy Kavanaugh
Roger Kaye
Val Kearney
Annie Keating
Elizabeth Keihm
Claudia Keith
Paulien Keizer
Ewa Keler
Bess Keller
Myoshin Kelley
Alison Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
Frances Kelly
Edith Kemunto
Ellen Kendall
Joy Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy
Marian Kent
Judith Keogh
Susan Kepner
Maggie Kerrigan
Leanne Kerschner
Catherine Kessler
margie kessler
Frances Key
Steeven Kezamutima
Nancy Keziah
Chander Khanna
farhana khawar
Robert Kibrick
Judith Kidd
Kevin Kiefaber
So Jung Kim
youngin kim
Joanna King
Keith Kingsley
Pamela Kirby
Janet Kirch
Anita Kline
Paula Kline
Mary Jo Klingel
Roger Knapp
Deanna Knickerbocker
Steve Knight
Alvin Knott
Jaekwang Ko
Maria Kokkinou
Oluwatosin Kolawole
Michael Koob
Brent Kopperson
Alice Kostin
David Krantz
Susan Krantz
Keturah Kreps
Iwona Krzeminska
Albert Kueffner
Helen Kupetis
Mary Kvamme
John Kydd
Seraphim Kykkotis
Alexis LaBarge
Madeline Labriola
mathieu lacaze
Lisa LaDore
Raymond Lam
Cara Lamb
Mary Lang
Ben Langbridge
Marlena Lange
Amanda Lanier
Suzanne LaPalme
Margaret Lapic
Anne Larsen
Cheryl Lasher
Benjamin Lasley
Saarah Latif
Deynise Lau
Patty Lawless
Jane Lawson
Patrick leach
Pat Leavenworth
Monica Leavitt
Lehni Lebert
Lesley Lebkowicz
Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee
Nelson Lee
Robert Lee
Janssens Leen
Miki Leeper
Kallie LeFever
Louis Leffler
Sophie Leger
Gwindolyn Lehman
Ida Leightman
Jenny Leinbach
Donald Leisman
Kyle Lemle
Jan Lemoine
Joanne Lemson
Betsy Leonard
Eileen Leonard
Brian Lesage
Susanna Levin
Peter Levitt
Antony Lewis
Dana Lewis
Karen Lewis
Marcia Lewis
Morgan Leyenberger
Constance Lezenby
Christine Liaukus
Christine Lincoln
Bill Lindner
Marilyn Liota
Lucinda H Lipp
Connie Lippert
Kim Lipscomb
Chuck Little
Penni Livingston
Lars Livold
Susan Lloyd
Ro LoBianco
helen lockhart
Kris LoFrumento
FrancisChris Loh
Marilyn Long
Caroline Longley
Jessica Lopez
Nancy Lorence
Garnett Losak
Elizabeth Loser
Avril Loveless
Terry Lowman
Patricia J. Lown
Gloria Lozada
Maria Lozano
Chihlan Lu
Robyn Lucienne
Robyn Lucienne
Judy Lumb
Kairs Lungu
Deborah Luscomb
Carlo Luyckx
Liz Lwanga
Bobo Lwin
Michelle Lynn-Sachs
Vickie MacArthur
Richard Macedo
Kristine Mackenzie
Rebecca MacKenzie
Therese MacKenzie, SHCJ
Bonnie Lynn MacKinnon
Melanie Macrow
Liz Macwhirter
Joanna Macy
Marietta Macy
Catherine Madden
Suzann Madeley
Peter Madison
Pamela Magerle
Roberto Luis Magnasco
Devinder mahajan
Kori Majeed
Vainola Makan
Urmila Malvadkar
Chatterjee Manas
Mayela Manasjan
Geoffrey Manasseh
Noel Mansfield
Vince Maraventano
Linda Marks
Rupert Marques
Liz Marsis
Egon Martens
Gustav Martensson
Anne Martin
Denise Martin
Kerstin Martin
Precious Martini-Brown
Ellen Mason
Laurence Mather
Janet Matthews
Birgit Matzerath
Michael Maurer
Brenda May
Adriana Mazzocco
Sally McAra
Hugh McCammon
Peter McClernon
Stephen McCollum
Bradley McCormick
Richard McCracken
Marla McCune
Lor McDiarmid
LaNita McDonald
Kevin McDonnell
Catherine McGee
Jane McHugh
John McIlwain
Thomas McKee
Michelle McKenzie-Creech
Mhairi McLuskie
Susan McRae
Jerome McTeigue
Francesca Meacham
Mary Sue Meads
Sally Melcher-McKeagney
Melissa Mello
Tasnim Mellouli
Stephen Melott
Andrew Melville
Daniel Menges
Robert Merikangas
Tracy Merrick
william metzger
Christina Meyer
Janet Meyer
Patricia Meyers
Bill Middlecamp
Martha Middleton
Beth Milham
C.l. Milko
Jan Miller
Jason Miller
Joy Miller
Keith Miller
Christine Milne
Junghee Min
Uzma Mirza
Cecilia Mitra
Damon Mkandawire
Jeanne Moffat
Az Mohammad
Lopamudra Mohanty
Terry Mohaupt
Alice Moll
Lily Josann Mollencott
Eleanor Monahan
Catherine Monkley
Vanessa Moon
Abigail Moore
Elaine Moore
Jeremy Moore
Leslee Moore
Mary Elizabeth Moore
Peter Moore
Pat Moore-Pickett
Phoebe Morad
Jeralyn Moran
Leslie Moran
Rosemary Morrow
Jessica Morthorpe
Alden Moss
Roger Moss
Father Claude Mostowik msc
Michele Mudrick
Hellen Mugo
David Muhammad
Teresa Mui
Cliodhna Mulhern
Lillian Mulligan
Ruth Mulligan
Elina Multaharju
John Mundell
Karri Munn Venn
Sean W Murphy
Caroline Murray
Richard Murray
Vasu Murti
Jeanne Musgrove
Benedict Muyale
Jean Myers
Judith Myerson
Brett Nadrich
Gauthama Prabhu Nagappan
Yuka Nakamura
Visolela Namises
Ibraheem Naqeeb
Thomas Neidecker
Blair Nelsen
Mary Nelson
Gay Nemeth
Eva Newbold
Thu Nguyen
Ben Niblett
Dorothea Niessen
Ulrich Nitschke
Paul Nobleman
Tim Nolan
Beth Norcross
Krista Notenboom
Katarzyna Nowak
Mark Nunberg
Hamida Nur
Bhiksu Nyanabhadra
Becky O'Brien
Deena O'Brien
Julie O'Brien
William O'Brien
Susan O'Connell
Padraic O'Donnell
William O'Hearn
Cian O'Neill
Marsha Obusek
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Herbert Ogden
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Bill Ogletree
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Sarah Oliver
Abobakar Omar
Amal Omar
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Andrew Oram
Thea Ormerod
Elias Ortega
Judy Ortman
Susie Osaki Holm
Dorothy Otieno
Linda Ott
Renemsongla Ozukum
Werner Padarin
Terri Pahucki
Walhos Palis
Lissette M. Palma
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Theresa Palmer
Prince Papa
Dharmacharini Parami
Go Eun Park
Leslie Parker
Kama Pascal
Valdo Pasqui
Lisa Pasto-Crosby
Eileen Patch
Annie Patterson
Jane Paul
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David Paust
Robyn Paust
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Pam Peirce
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Christy Pennoyer
Ruth Penny
Joel Perkins
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Florencia Perrone
Michele Perry
Elaine Peters
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Dung Phap
Marie Phelan
Jacqueline Phelps
John Phelps
Deb Phenicie
Letty Phillips
Meg Phillips
Jimmy Pickett
Patrick Pigott
Rhonda Plank-Richard
J Plunkett
Eric Podietz
A R Polack
Jean Post-winget
Mark Pothier
Grant Power
Rugmani Prabhakar
Annemarie Prairie
Bidya Prasad
Sue Pratt
Natasha Pravaz
David Prescott
Katharine Preston
Meredith Priestley
Judy Prophet
Linda Prostko
Emily Pucker
Michelle Puckett
John Pulvino
Benjamin Mui Pumphrey
Jessica Quinn
Neil & Norma Rader
Veronica Raftery
Lyndy Raine
Sam Sokyo Randall
Imtiaz Rangwala
Anjum Rashid
Hussein Rashid
Larry Rasmussen
Jessie Rathburn
Christopher Rathweg
Megan Rawling
Alan Ray-Jones
Alan Ray-Jones
Karen Redding
Ted Rees
Mary Reese
Traci Reid
Katie Reimer
Maeva Renaud
Douglas Renick
Lily Revere
Anna Marie Rhodes
Felipe Ribeiro
elizabeth rice
Rohana Rice
Chuck Ricevuto
Ann Richards
Barbara Richards
Robin Richardson
Colin Riches
Arnd Riester
Catherine Rigby
Angelina Rispoli
Joseph Ritacco
Cheryl Ritenbaugh
William Ritter
Laura Rivendell
Jerry Rivers
Lydia Roane
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Billii Roberti
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Gwyn Roberts
Gwyn Roberts
Megan & Doug Roberts
April Robinson
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Lucy Robinson
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Louis Romain
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Helen Rose
Margaret Rose
Leslie Ross
Susan Ross
Madge Rossinoff
Donald Rothberg
Lisa Rousseau
Cathy Rowan
Kaushik Roy
Stephen Roylance
Martha Ruffman
Jayde Russell
Marion Russell
Annie Russo
Susan Sacirbey
Ghazala Salam
Dana Samani
Daphne Sampson
Dana Sanchez
Karen Sanders
Ceri Sansom
Maria Santiago
Cornelia Santschi
Linda Sarsour
Eduardo Sasso G.
JIll Satterfield
Samara Savandra
Eugenia Sawin
Barbara Sayres
Ray Scanlon
Theresa Scharff
Karen Schedler
Al Scheimer
Edith Schein
Philippe Schilling
Pam Schmidt
Christoph Schoenherr
Jean Schoppel
Jeanne Schrempf
Eva Schuchardt
Anneliese Schultz
Carolyn Schwarz
Catherine Schweitzer
Bridget-Nomonde Scoble
Janet Scott
Rachel Scott
Leah Sealey
Mary Sealing
Susan Secord
Stefan Seddon
Norma Seib
Doreen Sekora
Robert Sellers
Willie Senanayake
Iloung Seok
Margit Sereny
Peter Sergienko
Rachel Setzke
Susan Seymour
Neeshad Shafi
Saiyid Shah
Ann and Ron Shahid
Neelam Sharma
Carolyn Shaw
Roberta Shaw
Salman Sheikh
Leslie Sheridan
Judi Sherman
Teeraporn Shinawatra
Wendy Shipperlee
Bill Shorman
Letitia Short
Kathleen Shortridge
Anne Shumway
Joseph Siancas Gamboa
Samena Siddiqui
Patricia Siemen, OP
Dean Sigler
Anne Sigsbey
Sarah Sills
Jane Silva
susanna simotti
Dominique Simpson
Donna Sinclair
Gurmel Singh
Kumar Singh
Mary Sinha
Salwa Siyam
Robin Slaw
Kimberly Slone
Megan Slootmaker
Betsy Slosar
Susan Smereck
Barbara Smith
Issa Smith
Jean R Smith
John Smith
Nancy K Smith
Peter Smith
Ree Smith
Rodney Smith
Ruth Smith
Diane Smithson
Oren Jay Sofer
Dicky Sofjan
abbas sofwan
Louisa Soleau
Sri Juliana Solin
Phoebe Sorgen
Elisabeth Soto
Sara Sow
Susan Spangler
Alice Speers
Ellen Speert
Penelope Speier
Meighen Speiser
Mike Speltz
Susan Spilecki
Stephen Spillane
Barbara Spink
Carol Spitzer
Alok Srivastava
Rebecca Stadolnik
Barbara Stahnke
Elsie Stanley
Ava Louise Stanton
Susan Starkey
Susan Stert
Katherine Stevenson
Lindsey Stevenson
Sylvie Stevenson
Roberta Mundt Stewart
Karen Stickney
andrea stocchiero
Chris Stockinger
Kathy Stolz-Silvis
adriano strada
Sandra Stratton Gonzalez
Linda Strauss
Mary Strieff
Jo Stroker
pedro strozenberg
Janene Suggs
Rami Sultan
Sylvie Sun
Dinesh Suna
Bonnie Sundance
JoAnn Supan
Patty Suppan
Dishon Suresh Jaya Kumar
Carina Svedenberg Widqvist
Doug Swaim
Sue Swanson
Philip Symons
Greg Tabat
David Takahashi
Emily Takahashi
Harold Talbot
Shelley Tanenbaum
Vik Tara
Sheila Tarbet
Georgianne Tarrant
Vivian Taube
Ellie Taylor
Jennifer Taylor
Lynda Taylor
Roy Taylor
Cornelia Teed Teed
Lisa Tegby
Jeff Telfer
Rianne ten Veen
Fran Teplitz
Shideko Terai
Elizabeth Terbrock
Stephen I. Ternyik
Phyllis Terwilliger
Dileepkumar Thankappan
Aly Tharp
Nguyen Thien
Patricia Tholl
Brenda Thompson
Carolyn Thompson
Jessica Thompson
Lorraine Thompson
Rebecca Thompson
Eric Thornton
Shannon Thornton
Jamie Throgmorton
Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane
Brenda Tilley
Judy Timmons
Brian Tipton
Sadia Tirmizi
Ahti Tolvanen
Dan Tomsky
Erin Treat
Eileen Troutt-Ervin
Cal Trumann
Bill Trunk
Ngodup Tsering
Judy Tso
Naomi Tsur
Gayle Tuch
Ailsa Tudhope
Kevin Tuerff
Nicholas Tuff
Cate Tuitt
Alma Tumilowicz
Brian Turner
Ken Turner
Deborah Twombly
Coleen Tyler
Richard Ufford-Chase
Gloria Ulloa
Marc Ulrich
Penny Urquhart
Teresa Valdes
Regina Valdez
Julie Valentine
Sime Validzic
Cathy Valley
Cate Valpiani
Liesbeth van Bentem
Sia Van den Bremt
AJ van Tine
Melissa Vander Plaats
Ella Vandervlugt
William VanWambeke
Melinda Varfi
Justina Vargas
Laura Vargas
Ruth H Varney
Sharon Vatne
Deborah Vaupen
Juan Jesus Vazquez
Sofia Velez
Marie Venner
Charissa Verdoorn
jacqueline verstappen
Ethan Vesely-Flad
Carol Vey
Vesna Vidrih
Maria Villela
Stein Villumstad
Hugh Vivian
Martin Voelker
Jane Vogel
Fred von Allmen
Nils von Kalm
Keith Vyvyan
Hemant Wadhwani
Lorette Waggoner
Jeff Wagner
Laura Wagner
Margaret Wagner
Michael Wagner
Yenny Zannuba Wahid
Shelley Waldock
Rosa Waldron
Robin Walkup
William Wallond
Christine Walmsley
Allan Walters
Janet Walworth
John Ward
Jan Warren
Pamela Watson
Suzanne Watson
Katie Webber
Elisabeth Weberg
Katherine Weeks
Kittisaro Weinberrg
Scott Weiner
Louise Weissman
Frank Werny
Robert Wertz
Don Wheeler
Christine White
Veda White
Clare Whitney
Emily Whittemore
Theresa Wiggins
Carlena Wike
Joyce Wilding
Nanci Wilkinson
Jenny Wilks
Peter Willcox
Elizabeth Williams
Heather Williams
Leigh Williams
Melissa Williams
stacey williams
Elizabeth Willis
James Willis
Jan Wilson
Sioux Wilusz
David Wimberly
Ken Winkle
Bicky Winkler
Kathrin Winkler
Peter Winslow
Diana Winston
Jennifer Wolf
Kate Wolfe-Jenson
Heidi Wollum
Lori Wong
Irene Woodard
Jessica Woodard
Mark Woodland
Izabelle Woods
Victor Woods
Paul Woodward
Natalie Woollerton
Bill Woolverton
Susan W. Wootton
Sheena Wurthmann
Steph Wynne
Susan Yascolt
Peter Yates
Beyza Yilmaz
Shelli Yoder
Nick Yoho
Emily Young
Roseline Young
Allie Yungclas
Connie Zales
Jeanne Zang
Matt Zepelin
Carolyn Zettler
Jane Ziesemer
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Chris Zurawski, OFS
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