SIGN ON: Tell Democratic leaders to say in one voice: Putin's invasion reaffirms America must lead on clean energy. End dependence on fossil fuels!

Dozens of progressive, climate, veteran, and foreign policy groups are asking Democratic leadership to unite behind a clear message. Will you sign on as a supporter?

"Russia's invasion of Ukraine reaffirms that America must lead the world in a clean energy transition. Our dependence on fossil fuel empowers authoritarians like Vladimir Putin, rogue oil-producing nations, and price-gouging oil companies. For the sake of our national security and planet, we call on America's leaders to take immediate action to invest in domestic clean energy jobs and end our dependence on fossil fuel."

Will you join the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Sierra Club, Evergreen Action, League of Conservation Voters, Win Without War, Common Defense, Indivisible, and dozens of other groups in sending this message to Democratic political leaders? Sign on this page.

Signatures will be delivered to the White House and allies in Congress to show widespread popular support for this clear, concise, popular message.

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