SIGN ON: Stop the "shadow docket". Expand the Supreme Court with the Judiciary Act of 2021.

The stolen right-wing majority on the Supreme Court is out of control, repeatedly using a secretive "shadow docket" that lets them rule without oral arguments or signed opinions.

Formerly used solely for emergencies, the Supreme Court has used the "shadow docket" to:
  • uphold a near-total ban on abortion in Texas
  • end a moratorium on evictions during a deadly pandemic
  • restore the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy, endangering asylum seekers
The Supreme Court should be upholding and defending our Constitutional rights, not attacking them in the dead of night. We need the Judiciary Act of 2021, which will add 4 seats to the Supreme Court.

Sign the petition: unrig and restore transparency to the Supreme Court. Demand the Judiciary Act of 2021!