Sign On to the Join the HIV Community Expanded Sanctuary Movement

Graphic by Design Action Collective.

As people living with HIV and those who love them, we have a duty to advocate for and incorporate in our own organizations, networks and communities:

1. An expanded vision of sanctuary, as described by MiJente – “dismantle[ing] the current policing apparatus that acts as a funnel to mass incarceration and the deportation machine.”

2. Creating sanctuary health care settings and HIV service delivery spaces.

3. Fighting for immigrant rights and justice

Read the full statement here, and sign on as an organization or an individual using the form at the right.

By signing on, you indicate agreement with the principle of HIV community solidarity with the immigrants' rights movement and agree to make consistent, intentional efforts to promote and provide expanded sanctuary in your community and in any spaces of service delivery you are responsible for.

Organizations signing on may be listed publicly on the Positive Women's Network - USA website and/or in other places. Please sign your organization on only if you are authorized to do so.

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