Sign the 2020 Compassionate Voter Pledge!

As people of faith, we believe that a compassionate vote - one informed by our morals and values - puts us in right relationship with others, the earth, and the divine. We believe that a compassionate vote builds enough power to transform culture and influence decision makers here at home and around the world. And we believe that a compassionate vote is what we need right now.

As a Compassionate Voter, I pledge to:

  • Foster a compassionate, loving, and just world.

  • Safeguard voting rights for those who have them, and win them for those who don’t.

  • Listen, learn, and seek the truth for myself and for others.

  • Protect the planet and prioritize the needs of those harmed by climate injustice.

  • Show up and let my voice be heard.

  • Encourage others to vote compassionately in 2020.

I Pledge to Vote Compassionately in 2020.

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