Sign the Jobs With Justice Pledge

I'll be there to demand jobs with justice.

Workers across the country are angry – for good reason. Greedy CEOs and recklessness have driven our economy into a crisis, but we will not allow our anger to be manipulated or deflected from the true causes of the economic crisis. Decades of corporate greed and bad policy – intensified by the 2020 global pandemic – have put the squeeze on workers and their unions.

It is up to us to take action and demand an economy that works for everyone.

During the next year, I pledge to be there at least five times:

  • Challenging corporate greed and Wall Street recklessness by demanding new regulations, consumer protections, and taxes that discourage speculation and ensure the wealthy pay their fair share.
  • Protesting layoffs, plant closures, and foreclosures caused by corporate greed, and demanding action to protect the people affected;
  • Protecting the vital public services that our communities need and the jobs of the people that deliver those services;
  • Calling for our elected leaders to recognize the emergency and take bold action to create new jobs that will put people back to work, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and make it greener for the long haul; and
  • Supporting workers seeking a job with justice, a living wage, a fair contract, and a voice at work.
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