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Sign the petition below to urge California Governor Gavin Newsom to take just and transformative climate action to phase out oil production, starting with immediate health and safety protections for frontline communities.


Governor Newsom,

As the Trump administration wages an all-out assault on international climate progress and sacrifices our communities in the name of profit, we need you to set a global standard for climate leadership — one that prioritizes health, justice and equity.

Given the daily reminders that the climate emergency has arrived and the national enthusiasm for a Green New Deal, California must do what we do best: lead the way. Gov. Newsom, please take transformative climate action, starting with immediate health and safety protections for frontline communities. We urge you to:

1.) Stop new fossil fuel projects: Lead by issuing no new permits for oil and gas extraction, fossil fuel infrastructure, or petrochemical projects in California.

2.) Drop existing production: Set a national and global precedent by becoming the first oil- producing state to announce a phase-out of existing production in line with the Paris climate goals, with a just and equitable transition that protects workers, communities and economies.

3.) Roll out setback limits: Begin by first phasing out oil production in places that are suffering most from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction — by creating a 2,500-foot health-and-safety buffer zone between fossil-fuel infrastructure and homes, schools and other sensitive sites.

Will you join us in rising to the greatest challenge of our times?

The need for California to lead the way on bold and just climate action couldn’t be more urgent. Daily, Californians are experiencing the harmful impacts of our fossil-fueled climate and public-health crisis.

Devastating fires, floods, droughts and sea-level rise are upon us today — and the world’s leading scientists warn we have only 11 years to take transformative climate action. Despite California’s climate leadership, our state remains one of the largest oil producers in the United States, and the source of some of the world’s dirtiest oil.

California’s oil industry isn’t just an existential threat to our climate future, it’s a daily danger to communities living next to fossil fuel infrastructure. About 5.4 million Californians live less than a mile from over 84,000 existing oil and gas wells.

Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color disproportionately suffer from health and safety harms of proximity to oil and gas wells and infrastructure. This environmental racism flies in the face of our California values.

Please sign Last Chance Alliance’s petition to urge Governor Gavin Newsom to take transformative action for climate justice and demand a safe and healthy future for all Californians.

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This is #OurLastChance to protect our health and climate. Join us.

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