Sign the petition: Build more affordable housing

Ask California’s elected leaders to pass pro-housing legislation – make California more affordable for everyone.

California’s housing shortage -- and the affordability crisis it has caused -- is the result of decades of deliberate policies to limit the supply of housing. We can reverse these policies and end the affordability crisis by changing our housing laws at the state and local level to enable more home building.

California YIMBY was founded to do just that. Our state legislature has a chance this year to take up the call and pass important legislation to tackle the housing shortage and affordability crisis. We’re inviting you to help make it happen.  

When we say “yes” to more homes in our communities, we help end our housing shortage and affordability crisis – and make California more affordable and equitable for everyone.

Add your name: Tell California’s leaders to make it easier to build new housing and help people afford to live in the Golden State!

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