Sign the petition: Demand Congress regulate chemicals that contaminate our food and drinking water and jeopardize our health

PFAS, also called “forever chemicals” because they can take thousands of years to degrade in nature, continue to contaminate our drinking water, food, and soil. These toxic chemicals have been linked to high blood pressure, cancer and harm to reproductive and immune systems.

Found in a range of household items including cooking spray and Teflon pans, companies that produce these household items have known about these health risks for decades and have brushed reports under the rug in order to avoid regulation. The companies behind PFAS, including DuPont and 3M, knew as early as the 1960s that these chemicals were toxic to humans. DuPont even tested the blood of employees for PFAS, while 3M circulated an internal memo in 1978 underscoring the toxicity of its products.

Due to the dire impacts on our health, several state governments are considering or have passed legislation around PFAS. PFAS contamination has been found in more than 700 communities, and more than 100 million Americans may have PFAS in their drinking water, and about 5 percent of all U.S. farm fields, or 20 million acres, could be contaminated by PFAS.

This is a major national health issue that requires federal protections – especially while departments within our federal government continue to be part of the problem.

Companies responsible for PFAS are spending billions to lobby against regulations. But our health is not something to be brushed under the rug in favor of corporate money – we refuse to jeopardize ourselves for the sake of business interests. Congress must regulate PFAS and prioritize our health.

Sign the petition: Congress must regulate PFAS and hold polluting companies responsible.

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