Sign the petition: Demand networks stop airing Trump’s coronavirus briefings live. Trump’s continuous lies spread dangerous misinformation.

Donald Trump holds almost daily press briefings from the White House about how the federal government is handling the coronavirus epidemic. And almost daily, he says things that are not true.

Trump’s coronavirus press briefings continually provide a platform for the president to trumpet false claims about his response and even to spread misinformation as a time of crisis.

It is time for the national press to stop airing these propaganda lies live.

Trump’s dangerous falsehoods include: a claim that chloroquine—a drug typically used to treat malaria—had been approved by the FDA to treat COVID-19 which resulted in deaths; blaming hospitals for medical supply shortages; and constantly denying there was no warning or preparation heeds, which in fact there were many.

Moreover, Trump continues to contradict what leading health experts are advising—giving the public a false sense of security, and likely exacerbating the spread of coronavirus.

Several network television hosts have come out against airing Trump’s coronavirus press conferences. The danger of directly lying to the public is very apparent and folks are well aware that continuing to air Trump live continues the spread misinformation.

The national media is doing a huge disservice by broadcasting these press conferences live, allowing Donald Trump to spew his fake propaganda to the general public. If he says something that is true, the media could always report it later after the fact. But live broadcasts of his lies are dangerous.

Sign the petition to all major broadcasting stations: Stop airing Donald Trump's press conferences on COVID-19 live.

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